Monday, December 27, 2010

A White Day After Christmas

Our Christmas may not have included a blanket of fluffy snow to make things seem “magical”, but the snow did arrive!  We were slated for a blizzard…snow from 6a.m. on the 26th to 6a.m. on the 27th.  Accumulation could reach 18 inches, the forecast said.  We were excited – our first snow storm in New York City, and it is going to be a blizzard!

We awoke on Sunday and there was no snow.  At church I played the piano for the Russian congregation.  As I returned to the English service, the snow began to fall.  It was coming fast and furious, and the cars were already dusted white.  By the end of the morning service the streets were covered.  We began the afternoon service early and ended early.  Many people had already left.

We came home and took a lovely nap – the perfect thing to do on a snow day!  By then there were 3-4 inches on the ground.  We bundled up and headed for the store.  I was hoping to get some more milk.  I always made fun of the people in the south who went to get bread and milk if the forecast called for snow.  But here the little grocery stores only carry a few jugs of milk as it is – now I understand!

Elaine got on her snow suit, mittens (much to her dismay), and boots.  We let her trek a little in the snow, and she couldn’t stop smiling.  Unfortunately, my pictures are horrible!  Ben shoveled the front and the neighbor’s steps while I put a pizza in the oven.  When we went to bed it was still snowing and very windy.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAthat pink blob is Elaine!

A White Day After Christmas

This morning the snow had crusted in between the screen and the window glass so that we couldn’t really see out very well.  The last official report was at 1:30a.m. – 18 inches for Brooklyn.  We have so much more than that!

Ben got up with the “I think I’m getting a cold” feeling, so I loaded him with vitamin C, hot tea, and tissues.  He had to trek four blocks to the train, and then it is normally a 10 minute walk from the train to the shop.  A couple of people had walked on the sidewalk, and someone was beginning to shovel.  He took dry socks and shoes just in case!

A White Day After Christmas

A White Day After Christmasthe snow that had piled up against our door

A White Day After ChristmasBen slid down the front steps in an avalanche of snow!

A White Day After ChristmasWe have a bench on the front porch (left pile of snow) and two recycling trash cans (right piles)

A White Day After ChristmasBen walking to the train.  That van in the top right corner is sort of parked in front of the fire hydrant.  He got stuck going up the street last night.

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  1. All that snow looks familiar! :) We are getting that same storm today, and we're supposed to get up to 40 cm (about 18 inches)too. Our power just came back on after being out for 5 hours from the wind.


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