Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Twins!

Last year my day got an early start when my water broke at 4 a.m. By the time I got checked in at the hospital and had the epidural in place, Liberty was ready to arrive - she came first at 8:30. Nehemiah was apparently comfortable where he was because they had to use the vacuum to get him out at 9:05 a.m. 37 weeks of pregnancy seemed to take forever, but now that we have "survived" (or rather enjoyed) the first year with twins I am wondering, "Where did the time go?"

We had a little party at my in-laws home on Monday.  We also had a small celebration in Florida a couple of weeks ago while we were with my family. I put together a short video of the last twelve months to see how they grew…enjoy!


:: From Florida…

Twins' First Birthday Party with the Godbys

Twins' First Birthday Party with the Godbys

Twins' First Birthday Party with the Godbys

Twins' First Birthday Party with the Godbys
It didn’t take Libs long to discover that she DID like cake…hers AND Nehemiah’s!

Twins' First Birthday Party with the Godbys

:: From Massachusetts…

Liberty & Nehemiah's 1st Birthday Party

Liberty & Nehemiah's 1st Birthday Party

Liberty & Nehemiah's 1st Birthday Party

Liberty & Nehemiah's 1st Birthday Party
{Video to follow later…}

Liberty & Nehemiah's 1st Birthday Party


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Godby family reunion

We are visiting my brother and his family in South Florida this week. We were able to present our ministry at his church, Bible Baptist Church in Pembroke Pines, FL. My parents and brother Wesley are also here, so my Grams came too! It's a regular "family reunion." 

Kenny has access to a resort in Duck Kry, FL.  We are going to spend three days there as a family! 

We had a few family pictures snapped at church yesterday...take a peek!

Becky, Mom, Dad & Liberty, Ben, Andrea & Nehemiah, Grams
Kenny, Elaibe, Nolan, Wesley

Grandparents and the grands... just missing the granddog Bella!

Siblings... And spouses
Ben, Wesley, Kennt, Andrea, and Becky

A, K, & W!

My pretty girl...

And no Godby photo shoot would be complete without something like this!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday–First Beach Experience!

Touching their toes into the “lagoon” at the Hawk’s Cay Resort in Duck Key, Florida…

Liberty's First Beach Experience    Liberty's First Beach Experience
Liberty LOVED the water!

Nehemiah's First Beach Experience
Nehemiah didn’t mind at first, but later decided he was more of a lounge chair baby than a water baby!

Nehemiah's First Beach Experience
But isn’t he adorable in his sunglasses?

Nehemiah's First Beach Experience

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m looking forward to what I am sure I will be thankful for in a couple of days…

What do these things have in common?

A lot of luggage…

New Pink Sunglasses

I need a pedicure…

971209_581555235273428_1837309626_n (1)
My mom’s chalkboard?

Yup!  We are headed to Florida!  This trip doubles as a deputation meeting and family reunion/vacation!  We are meeting my parents, brother Wesley, and Grams at my brother Kenny’s house in South Florida.  After a deputation meeting at Kenny’s church, we are headed to the Florida Keys for a couple of days.  Right now (Wednesday night), I am just exhausted and not sure I have everything packed.  Right now I am dreading three days in the car with four energetic kiddos.  But in a few days I will be grateful for a visit with my best friend, safe travels (pray for us please), a twin birthday celebration, warm weather, escaping the street paving in our neighborhood, and seeing my family again.

{11 Months Old}

I ran out of time for a photo shoot this month. But I snapped a couple of pictures that pretty well capture the twins…they just don’t match and I didn’t use a backdrop!

Our biggest project – and accomplishment! – this month was weaning.  Both babies are now completely weaned.  Liberty is still protesting by not always taking a bottle, but we are not looking back!  {The kids have to stay with Grandma for a week this month, so we had to wean early}

Liberty & Nehemiah 11 Months Old

Nehemiah is 19 pounds.  He has four teeth on top and two on the bottom.  He started the month by transitioning from sitting to standing without support.  Then he took his first steps on March 9th!  He still only takes two or three steps at a time but he tries more and more often!

Liberty & Nehemiah 11 Months Old

Nehemiah loves to eat.  He eats more than Elaine and Nolan at most meals.  He holds his bottle by himself, and usually finishes off what Liberty leaves behind in her bottle!  He is quite the talker and sounds more and more like a boy with all of his noises and sound effects!

Liberty & Nehemiah 11 Months Old

Nehemiah still loves cars and trucks and balls.  He seems to delight in interfering with Nolan’s puzzles, eating my iPhone, and getting into the bathroom unnoticed.  He can give kisses and play peek-a-boo.

Liberty & Nehemiah 11 Months Old

Liberty has gone through several mood swings.  Sometimes she is the picky eater.  Sometimes she is just impatient for her food.  Sometimes she is grumpy all the time, and sometimes she has more energy than Nolan.  She seems to be getting happier as a general rule, and is becoming less of a stoic.  {Strangers still have to work really hard for a smile!}

Liberty & Nehemiah 11 Months Old

Liberty had the stomach flu this month.  I’ve never felt so helpless toward one of my kiddos!  She lost a bit of weight, so Nehemiah was able to widen the gap again.  She also developed some new talents, like giving kisses and playing peek-a-boo.  She also grew a top tooth {finally!}

Liberty & Nehemiah 11 Months Old

The twins are starting to be really funny to watch as they interact with each other.  They will take each other’s toys, make each other laugh, play peek-a-boo, and share pacifiers.  Often as I am trying to prepare supper, the twins hit their grumpy hour.  I put them together in a pack n play in the kitchen.  They laugh, hug, roll, smile, giggle, and talk to each other while I fix supper!  One of these days I might get it on video..

Liberty & Nehemiah 11 Months Old

Mommy hit a milestone this month too – grocery shopping, with all four kids, without Daddy!  Our store has these carts with the play car attached.  The carts also have two seats up front.  So I can strap in all four kids and still have room for more than one gallon of milk.  It’s still not easy (and often not enjoyable), but it has given me back a little bit of independence!

How we shop with four kids

The twins got to play with baby goats on March 15th at a deputation hosts’ home.  We visited the Brooklyn Children’s Museum for the first time on March 27th.  They loved the water play table!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Six Kids, 24 Hours

A couple of weeks ago we had Havilah & Ian Klaus spend the day, and night with us!  My kids were super excited, and everyone did really well!  I was very tired at the end, and not quite ready to think about Elaine’s request for “two more baby sisters”.  Six kids is a lot of work!

Sleepover with Ian & Havilah
Here are the kiddos singing I May Never March in the Infantry during our Bible time before bed.  {Havilah, Ian, Elaine, and Nolan}.  Love all of their pajama-ed feet!

Sleepover with Ian & Havilah
The girls loved playing on top of Elaine’s bunk where the boys couldn’t reach them!

Sleepover with Ian & Havilah
The boys working on puzzles.  Nolan, Ian, and Nehemiah

Sleepover with Ian & Havilah
Six kids, one room, lots of noise!

Sleepover with Ian & Havilah
We did some wrestling and couch jumping to get the energy out!  So thankful for Ben handling this part of the adventure for me!

Sleepover with Ian & Havilah

We are so thankful for our friends the Klaus’ and the blessing they have been to us as we all minister in New York City together!

Wordless Wednesday

Nolan’s Peter Pan Flying

Liberty stuck on the chair
She got stuck!