Saturday, December 4, 2010

a LONG time ago… (just kidding, Mom)

2009 Godby Family Portrait

…my mom was born!  Today is her birthday!  I won’t tell you how old she is, but she is a year older than my dad, and he is turning 50 in a few days.  Mom would tell you she is 29, so if you see her, be sure to ask if she is 29!

I thought you might enjoy some pictures of Mom through the years!

Oct. 1972

This is Mom’s family.  She is the pretty girl in the red!  She is #5 of six kids, and the youngest girl.

Scott Sherry Nate July 1971
This is Mom and two of her brothers on the Continental Divide in Colorado.

Sherry, Pram, Brandy

Mom married Dad in 1981.  He was in the Air Force.  Shortly after their wedding he received orders to England.  When he arrived in England ahead of my mom, he bought this pram (because I was on the way), and this puppy, Brandy.

I was born in England.  There were no grandparents close by to come and help, but my mom survived!  I think she would love to still be living in England if she were given the choice!

New York City - Statue of Liberty

Mom had three kids.  She homeschooled all of us from kindergarten through high school graduation.  Two of us have survive college, and Wesley is working on it.  I have been married for three years, and Kenny is getting married on June 4th.  Mom’s family is growing!

Mom visits Andrea's new home

This is when my mom came to visit me in Virginia Beach. Some people probably don’t recognize me because my hair is curly!  I talk to my mom a lot and rely on her experience as a homemaker.  If I have a laundry or cooking question, she probably knows the answer.  When I was 16 Mom gave me a little picture that said “A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your friend.”  That is true in our relationship!

…then she became a Grandma!  I think that my mom enjoys the grandma stage because she has all of the fun with no responsibility!

Grandma Godby & Elaine Elaine in Colorado at Grandma & Grandpa Godby's house








The Girls on Easter Sunday

Happy Birthday, Sherry Lee –

from your family here in New York City!

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  1. Well, thank you very much my dear daughter! I am very blessed indeed!


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