Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I got the first parking ticket

First NYC parking ticket
So…I lost the “bet.”  I thought for sure Ben would get the first parking ticket since he drives so much more.  When I came back from the post office yesterday I parked on our street, but on the other side of 5th Avenue.  I just assumed the alternate side parking (for street cleaning) times were the same.  They weren’t.  On our block we can’t park on our side of the street Mondays from 8:30-10 am.  Everyone just double parks on the other side. Then on Tuesdays they clean the other side of the street, so they double park on our side.  Well… I didn’t read the sign and apparently down a block they clean from 11:30-1:00.  I got a ticket.  Ben found it this morning when he left for work.  I’ve learned my lesson (hopefully)!

Drumroll please…

I was finally able to catch Elaine crawling!  I actually couldn’t decide which clip was better, so we are blessing you with both today.  At the end is a video of Elaine with her Great-Grandpa Don Paul.  I took the video in Colorado a couple weeks ago, and forgot I had it.  It was just too cute to keep to myself.  We love you Grandpa!

The Toilet Paper Roll

I shared these pictures on Facebook last week, but neglected to blog them.  Elaine has been sitting on the toilet seat while I get ready in the mornings.  She’s usually pretty good, but then last week, she discovered the toilet paper roll.  I let her have some fun, but then rescued my roll from being entirely wasted. 

Elaine 7 months found the toilet paper roll 
Having fun.

Elaine 7 months found the toilet paper roll

Elaine 7 months found the toilet paper roll
So proud of herself!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The other winner…

Okay, so my mom is feeling guilty for winning (even though it’s fair because it is random).  And my dad said it’s not fair.  So…I picked a second winner to get the Mary Kay Sun Care set.  Here’s the product description:

Enhance your natural glow on the go with the limited-edition Travel-Sized Sun Care Set. The set includes travel-sized Mary Kay® Subtle Tanning Lotion, plus Mary Kay® SPF 30 Sunscreen and Mary Kay® After-Sun Replenishing Gel in a convenient mesh zippered pouch.

The winner is…



I guess it’s just *destined* to be in the “family” today…Becky is dating one of the best guys I know (after my husband of course!) – my brother Kenny!  Congratulations to Becky!

And the winner is…

The winner of the Mary Kay travel roll-up bag is…


(better known to me as Mom)

To be fair I used the website random.org to draw the winner.  It is completely unbiased.  Number 4 was chosen, and Sherry had the fourth comment. 

If you want to read more about Sherry, you can check out her blog, Apple Slices of Our Lives.  You didn’t know she had a blog, did you?

Thanks for playing everyone!  I’ll have to do another one sometime – I had fun!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Don’t Forget!

travel bagHey…just want to send out a reminder that there are still a couple of days to enter my giveaway.  It was at the bottom of Sunday’s post, so maybe some of you missed it.  Don’t forget to leave a way for me to contact you in case you win!

Click here and scroll to the bottom to enter to win a Mary Kay Travel Roll Up Bag.

Giveaway ends Sunday, June 27th at midnight.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh the faces she makes!

Some “faces” of my not-quite-so-little Elaine on our last trip:

Elaine in the car “Get me out of this carseat!”

Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa Paul 
“What happened?  I can’t believe it!”

Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa Paul 

Elaine in Colorado at Grandma & Grandpa Godby's house
“Ha-ha-ha.  I get to take a bath in Grandma’s new bathtub and Mommy has to use the old one!”

Elaine in Colorado at Grandma & Grandpa Godby's house 

 Elaine in Colorado at Grandma & Grandpa Godby's house
“Uggg.  When is that waitress going to bring our food?”

Elaine in Colorado at Grandma & Grandpa Godby's house

Elaine in Colorado at Grandma & Grandpa Godby's house
“I don’t know what these are, so I’m just going to throw them on the floor!”

Elaine in Colorado at Grandma & Grandpa Godby's house
“Look Mommy!  Grandma has this cool stool that is just my size!”

Elaine in Colorado at Grandma & Grandpa Godby's house
I’m cute and I know it.

Elaine in Colorado at Grandma & Grandpa Godby's house
Last morning with Grandpa.

Elaine in Colorado at Grandma & Grandpa Godby's house 
“No!  Don’t leave!  I’ll untie your shoes…”

Moral of the story: I’ve got to take less pictures of this kid, or I’m going to crash my computer storing them!

“Recall it as often as you wish…a happy memory never wears out.”

Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa PaulElaine, Grandma & Grandpa Paul, & Me

I am making many happy memories with Elaine.  She is so cute and a bundle of joy…even when she is crabby (don’t quote me on that, please!).  When I was in Denver last week I made some happy memories with my own grandparents, Elaine’s great-grandparents.  She is great-grandbaby number nine for them!

We spent a relaxing afternoon with my grandparents, Don & MaryLou Paul.  I was especially glad to be able to see them on this trip for this reason… My grandma Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa Paulhas had five different cornea transplants in the same eye, and they have all gotten infected and perforated.  While she was on a road trip to Iowa a couple of weeks ago, the newest cornea did the same thing.  My grandpa drove straight through to get her home to her doctor.  After weighing the options, they decided that it was best to just remove the eye.  She had a rough time with the anesthesia, and still wasn’t doing great when we arrived back in Denver.  We popped in Tuesday and just spent the afternoon when her & Grandpa.  It was the first day that she was feeling better & able to keep food down. 

Grandpa could hardly wait for me to unbuckle Elaine out of her Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa Paulcarseat before reaching for her.  He took her out to the porch swing.  Then I kept hearing the water go on and off in the bathroom.  When I peeked, there was Grandpa with Elaine on the bathroom counter, her feet in the sink.  They were playing in the water and Elaine was making faces in the mirror.  So sweet!!!

Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa PaulGrandpa, Elaine, & “Bunny” on the swing 

Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa Paul Elaine, Grandma, Sherry/Mom, Grandpa

Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa Paul We love you Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Paul!

The Petting Farm

While in Colorado with my parents last week we took Elaine to the petting farm.  We met my mom’s friend Alethea and her little girl Talia (who is almost two) at Belleview park.  It is very near my grandparent’s house, so my grandpa came along too (he used to be a farmer). I know Elaine is a little young to know about all of these animals, but she has been very aware of dogs and cats, and we thought it would be fun!

Elaine at the petting zoo 
“A pig?  What is that?”

Elaine at the petting zoo
Notice the fist full of lamb’s wool?  That’s the reason the cat downstairs knows to stay away from Elaine!

Elaine at the petting zoo “This straw is interesting.”

Elaine at the petting zoo
Grandma Godby (my mom), Elaine, and Great-Grandpa Paul (my grandpa), and of course the cow!  Alethea and Talia are with the goats in the background

Elaine at the petting zooSee?  Here they are.  Alethea and Talia!

Elaine at the petting zoo
We met the goat…

Elaine at the petting zoo
…and we watched the ducks (they’re not in the picture *wink*)

Elaine at the petting zoo Then we finished with a ride on the train…

Elaine at the petting zoo …here’s the train!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

City Streets

pict0060 Today Elaine & I strapped on our walking shoes and hit the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  Well…I strapped on shoes.  Elaine decided to ride in style.  Elaine donned a layer of sunscreen, I grabbed a water bottle and we headed down the front steps, glad that the car  (& stroller in the trunk) was  parked just across the street.  We were headed for an adventure.  There were a few notes jotted on my list, but we were out for nothing in Brooklyn Brownstoneparticular. 

We crossed the street and had a bagel at Bagel Villa on 5th Ave.  Pumpernickel with butter.  Mmmmm.  One for today, and two for tomorrow.  Back on the street, we greeted our neighbor just coming for coffee.  First lesson of the city streets: they didn’t design these narrow doors & shops for baby strollers!  And definitely not for a pram! 

Hair salon.  I decided to pop in for a trim.  I chickened out on going short, and opted to keep my long layers.  Well…as much of them as were left.  It was a Chinese hair salon that I happened to walk into, and I’m not sure the guy spoke as much English as I assumed. Not too bad, though. A girl walked in after me.  What did she want?  To pay $10 just to get her hair washed and blow dried.  I thought, “Maybe her shower is broken or her hair dryer doesn’t work, and she needs a style to go to work.” But when the second girl came in for the same thing, I was surprised.  I guess it’s a New York thing, but I would keep my $10 and wash & dry my hair myself!  Lesson learned: Ask someone else where a good salon is before getting a cut!

We live on 73rd Street, and Elaine & I decided to make the 13 block frap trek to 86th Street where the big shopping is at!  It was fairly warm so we had a Starbucks Frappuccino to cool off.  Last one for a while…I used up my gift card!  Lesson learned: there is never enough whipped cream on a Frappuccino, especially when you have to share it with your baby.

Then we stopped in a store called Century Twenty-One.  It is a department store with great prices.  We found some plastic bibs for Elaine since she has decided to become an independent (and very messy) eater.  When I went looking for the housewares department I was instructed to walk across the street.  Wow!  I guess that’s how they do department stores here!  Lesson learned: they staple your bag closed so you can’t shoplift anything on the way out!

I invented a new use for the plastic links on Elaine’s toys.  They work great to hold shopping bags on your stroller! 

I’ve been seeing these green mail boxes on the corner next to the blue mail drop boxes.  They say “storage” on them.  Today I found out why.  The mail truck pulls up and turns halfway around the corner.  He is blocking the crosswalks in both directions.  He unloads several boxes of mail into the storage boxes.  The mail carrier is waiting on the corner, on foot, with a wheeled cart, and she just takes the mail out of the storage box to deliver it.  Interesting.

We found some teething tablets at a corner pharmacy.  Maybe they will turn Elaine’s crabby disposition back to cheery. I bought some flip-flops at the “99 Cent & Up” store.  Lesson learned: most items in these stores fall into the “& up” category, and there are 2-3 such stores per block.  We tried a new grocery store on the way home.  Their milk prices were decent, but I probably won’t go back there unless I’m in a pinch.Brooklyn Brownstone

Ahhhh.  Home again.  We’ll save the park & library for another day.  Lesson learned: when you’re arriving home with a stroller full of  groceries, etc. you really wish you didn’t live on the third floor.  I guess I’ll have good muscles from climbing the steps with baby & bags in tow all the time!

Come visit some time and we’ll hit the city streets together!

Wordless Wednesday – What’s that in Elaine’s Mouth?

Elaine with Coffee Creamer

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Prayer Letter

Our Prayer Card to Brooklyn

God has been very good to us in the short time we have lived in Brooklyn.  Ben was hired by a furniture refinishing company and is in his second week of work.  Our June prayer letter is now completed, and you can read it by clicking here.

As a reminder, you can still sign up to receive these updates via email by filling out this form.  The prayer letters will be emailed unless you do not have an email address.

Monday, June 21, 2010

“For I know him [Abraham], that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD…” (Gen. 18:19)

So yesterday was Father’s Day!  I didn’t post anything because I was busy celebrating with my husband on his first Father’s Day!  But that doesn’t mean I have forgotten!

Broncos vs. Raiders I feel very blessed by my own Dad, and my Father-in-law.  They are good men, and they have had a positive influence in my life because they “commanded their children and household” in the ways of the Lord.  I feel especially blessed by these men presently because both haveElaine Day 7 First three generations sacrificed so much to help Ben & I as we transition to minister in New York City.  I’m so very glad that I have a good relationship with both of my dads! 

I’m also so pleased and proud to be married to the best Daddy any little Elaine could wish for!  Ben is great with Elaine and very involved in her life…even if it means changing a diaper!  He is dedicated to raising her to be a godly, responsible young lady.

Ben's First Father's Day After church on Sunday we headed to the park.  Ben had taken Elaine to swing there on Saturday and she loved it!  We did the swings, the slides, and attempted the sprinkler, but Elaine is not a water baby!  We gave Ben a book called “Light on the Path”.  It is a daily devotional book with a verse or two from the Old Testament in Hebrew, and a verse or two from the New Testament in Greek.  It should help him keep on top of his language studies!  Elaine was thrilled because she got to play with the wrapping paper and bow when Ben was finished!

Ben's First Father's Day

Ben's First Father's DayWith all of the distractions at the park it was hard to get Elaine to look at me for a good picture.  This is the best we could do!

Ben's First Father's Day  Ben's First Father's Day
Swinging is so much fun!

Ben's First Father's Day

Ben's First Father's Day
Down the slide with Mommy!

Ben's First Father's Day

Happy belated Father’s Day
to all three of the special Fathers in my life!