Monday, December 20, 2010

A girl after her mommy’s heart

Elaine has a new love…french fries.  It’s my fault.  I have been addicted to french fries ever since I worked at McDonalds.  And I especially like them when I am pregnant!

I had a bit of a rough night tonight.  Ben worked late, and when he called on his dinner break he could tell I was having a tough time.  So when he finally came home, he brought french fries with him!  (Isn’t it wonderful that a new restaurant opened on the corner of our street, and they sell French Fries?)  Elaine was still awake, so she got to partake in the goodness.

Elaine has recently learned to dip things, so tonight it was french fries in ketchup.


Elaine loves to feed Mommy & Daddy!
And a picture from our playtime the other night…
Elaine in the dolly strollerBen ended up pushing Elaine around in the dolly stroller!

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