Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Godby Family Photo Edited

The Wally Godby Family:
Becky & Kenny; Wesley; Ben & Andrea {& twins}
Wally/Grandpa, Elaine, Nolan, & Sherry/Grandma

“But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.”

Galatians 4:4-5

We have Christmas to celebrate because Christ was willing to leave His throne and be born as a tiny baby, in a dirty stable, for the end purpose of redeeming mankind and glorifying His Father.  Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Messiah, Jesus Christ!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Aunt Becky

I knew my sister-in-law Becky only a little while I was at Ambassador Baptist College.  She was a “townie” and in high school when I was first a student.  My brother Kenny didn’t start dating her until after I had graduated.  They have been married for about a year and a half now.  The last time we were together was over a year ago – Thanksgiving in Brooklyn.  We have been enjoying our time together and the schedule has been relaxed and easy.  I am really wishing Kenny & Becky lived closer to us…

My kiddos have also been enjoying Aunt Becky.  She does really well with little kids, and Nolan found an instant buddy.  She talked on the phone with him…for hours.  She read books to him.  She cut Elaine’s hair {she is a barber} and then French braided it so it would be curly the next day for church.  She helped Elaine at tea time and while we were shopping.  They love Aunt Becky!

IMG_6389Nolan & Aunt Becky


My mom has this old rotary phone.  My kids instantly started fighting over it and play with it non-stop.  Nolan loves to answer the phone, give it to you, then take it back and say “ba-bye.”  Here he is letting the sheep and the cow from the nativity scene have a turn talking on the phone too!

IMG_6396Becky & Elaine setting up the Little People…while Nolan wasn’t around!


Three little French braids for curly hair!

A Cup of Christmas Tea

When I was growing up we had a tradition of tea parties with the girls in my mom’s family.  It was usually Mom, me, Aunt Robin, Aunt Jo, and Grandma.  We are the ones who live in Denver. 

We used to go to a little tea room above a quaint restaurant called Reverend Taylor’s Attic.  They had a dress up room filled with hats, beads, gloves, purses, and “mink” stoles.  They also had the best tea – G.H. Ford. 

Since Reverend Taylor’s closed, we have tried several other tea rooms but not liked any of them quite as well.  The girls have recently started going to Mrs. B’s Tea Room…but I have never been in town to join them.  Mom made a reservation for Elaine, Becky {my sister-in-law}, and me to join her for tea at Mrs. B’s.  It was a special tea…the first one for both Becky & Elaine!

IMG_0707Andrea, Elaine {she didn’t want her picture taken}, Mom, & Becky.  We didn’t plan to all wear pink, but it worked out that way!

IMG_6368Mommy helped Elaine pour her tea…

IMG_6374…but Elaine got to add the milk.  She put in a lot of milk!

However, her favorite part was the sugar cubes.  She was so happy whenever anyone poured a new cup of tea, because she wanted to put some sugar in for us.  I left to use the ladies room and came back to very sweet tea…apparently Elaine thought it needed some extra sugar.

IMG_6371We tried to tell her to stir gently, but that’s a tall order for a little girl!

IMG_6373Finally…the sweets arrived.  Elaine was eager to get started and she just stood right up and helped herself to a cookie!

IMG_0701    IMG_0704

Not too many pictures of the rest of us, but the Little Princess certainly enjoyed her first tea party!

Life Around the Polo Club

My parents are the Resident Managers of a gated community called the Polo Club North.  There are many “perks” of the job…including the swimming pool, hot tub, duck pond, and the “orange ride”.  Keep reading if you’re completely lost!

Elaine loved following Grandpa around while he did his “chores.”  They had snow the day we arrived, so there was a little bit of plowing that still needed to be done.



My dad uses a Kuboda to run around the neighborhood.  In the winter he has a plow for it.  Eliane calls it the “orange ride.”  She was only too happy to go help Grandpa move the snow in the orange ride!


Grandpa also has to check the pool & hot tub each day.  The first day we were here happened to be the day he vacuums the pool.  Elaine didn’t understand how Pa could vacuum the ‘wimming pool so she went along to check it out.  She came back to me soaked…apparently she took a dive into the hot tub!



There is a pond in the center of the Polo Club.  Each spring there are a lot of ducklings.  We saw the last batch of baby ducks when we were here in May.  Now there were lots of big ducks, and we took a walk to find them and share some bread.  Every piece I gave Nolan went straight into his mouth {glad it wasn’t moldy bread}.  Elaine kept getting very close to the icy edge and almost tottered in a couple of times.  Nolan enjoyed seeing the ducks because he has recently started to say “quack quack.”



{a little bit of ice on parts of the pond}

{I was so grateful that Nolan sat still and didn’t try to jump into the pond!}

IMG_0741{Mommy & the babies…all four of them!}



The highlight of the walk home was that each kiddo got to hold the end of the leash…much to Gypsy’s dismay.  She is getting old and grumpy.  She doesn’t like Nolan getting into her space at all.  I guess she figured out when he had the lead, because she gave a big pull and dumped him face first into a small patch of snow. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Getting Moved In

Yes…I know it’s Thursday.  But on Wednesday I was busy traveling some 1700+ miles from New York City to Denver to spend Christmas with my family.  So maybe this should just be “Thankful Thursday” instead.  Especially since there are so many words.

We are making great progress on getting settled in the new apartment.  We have a small stack of about 4-5 boxes yet to unpack.  It’s mostly things that need to be hung on the wall.  I haven’t touched the storage closet yet, and Ben hasn’t arranged his tools and items in the gas meter closet.  We also want to add some shelves in the closets, so then things in there can be more organized.

We have eliminated even more items as the unpacking has taken place.  We realized we don’t need all three bookshelves, we took the leaves out of our table to make it smaller, and we have a trunk full of items for the Salvation Army.  With not as much wall space, and after having filled and patched a lot of holes in the old apartment, we decided we don’t need so much stuff on the walls. 

Here are some not-so-perfect pictures of our apartment so far!

I love my new rug to bring out the red in my living room.  Also thankful for a deep windowsill to hold my herbs.

We are all packed for our trip to Denver.  The bookshelf on the far right will be finding a new home when we get home.  The file boxes on the left still need to be fit into the storage closet.

Looking toward the kitchen.  I like having my computer out of the bedroom!

Almost everything has a home in my kitchen, but I still need to organize a few things.  Love my full size stove {I cooked two pizzas at one time!} and my refrigerator.

We added these shelves to a space in the bathroom.  The hole gets more narrow at the back so they can’t fit all the way against the wall.  The only problem with this is that I can’t get the toilet paper on and off the holder!  Still working out some kinks…

The mirror does not have a medicine cabinet in it, so we are still trying to work out some creative storage for things we use consistently.  I want things to look nice, but still be functional.  Mason jars to the rescue!

Our closet in the Master Bedroom is about the size of the closet I used alone {and for storage} in our previous apartment.  But we have been slimming down our wardrobes and everything fits nicely…even my crafting supplies.  Another shelf or some crates will help our sweaters stay neat in the stack.  I also gave up a dresser drawer to be used as my “medicine cabinet”.  So all of those items are now folded on the closet shelf as well.

I wasn’t sure that my hutch would fit in the new place, but Ben found a way to make it work.  It holds my tea cups and a couple of very special knick-knacks, like items from my grandparents and great-grandparents, and from our wedding.

We did manage to get two things hung on the wall – my wedding bouquet, and our wedding picture.  They only made it to the walls because we didn’t want them to get broken sitting around in the floor!

I didn’t get any pictures of the kids’ room because they were sleeping.  Their closet is bigger, so it is able to hold their dresser and some baby items, as well as the boxes of baby clothes.  We got a 9-hole cubical for the toys {the kids loving having the toys in their own room} and Ben got one shelf on the wall for our educational and crafting bins.  Slowly but surely we’re getting there!

Monday, December 17, 2012

May I Have Your Attention Please!

We are proud to announce the gender of our expected twins:

Twins Gender Reveal

and here is a report on their anatomy scan:

Twins 18 weeks jpg

{click to enlarge}

18 Week Ultrasound Both Babies
both babies – the one marked “B” is the boy, the one marked “A” is the girl

Baby A Baby Girl hand 18 Weeks
Baby Girl’s hand

Baby A Baby Girl profile 18 Weeks

Baby Girl’s profile

Baby B Baby Boy 18 Weeks profile
Baby Boy’s profile

Twin A Baby Girl 18 Weeks
Baby Girl

Twin A Baby Girl 18 weeks
Baby Girl

Twin B Baby Boy Spine 18 Weeks
Baby Boy’s spine

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Homemade Cleaners

I just finished cleaning my kitchen in preparation to move.  I’m very glad for my menu plan, because it enabled me to know exactly what I needed to leave unpacked for the next three meals we will eat here.  All of those items are condensed onto two shelves in one cabinet, and everything else has been wiped down and scrubbed.  One less thing to do on Saturday!

Moving to the Dahlgren Apt

I’ve been making homemade cleaners for a while now.  I thought for sure I had shared this on the blog, but I can’t find it right now.  Most of my cleaners consist of baking soda, washing soda, borax, vinegar, and essential oils.  Here is the solution for All Purpose Cleaner that I use:

All Purpose Cleaner
From: Elizabeth’s Kind CafĂ©

1 Teaspoon Washing Soda
1 teaspoon Borax
2 Cups Hot Water
10 Drops Essential Oil (Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree, or Pine)
Small squirt of Dawn dish washing soap
½ c. white vinegar - addition from One Good Thing by Jillee

I use this in the bathroom with Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils.  In the kitchen, I use a couple drops of Lavender essential oil, and then lemon essential oil.  I was both surprised and pleased with how well this eliminated the grime in my kitchen today.

You know how everything gets kinda sticky & grimy & greasy around the stove?  One spray of my cleaner and a quick scrub with a scratchie pad quickly and easily removed all of that yuck.  No Clorox wipe ever did that for me! 

The house was built in 1905, and while the cabinets are surely not that old, they have definitely seen better days.  I have previously spent a lot of time trying to remove the layers of yuck in my kitchen.  A lot of scrubbing, almost to the point of removing the finish from the cabinets, left things no cleaner and no less sticky. I was not looking forward to cleaning the kitchen for move-out because of this, but the job was much easier than I had anticipated.

So ditch your chemical laden cleaners that cost a pretty penny, and try old fashioned baking soda & vinegar…you might be surprised!

Our new home has wood floors, so I found a DIY floor cleaner solution and mixed it up in a spray bottle.  I bought a microfiber mop with a washable pad to use with the spray.  Here is the recipe for the wood floor cleaner.

I have also pinned and tried a lot of DIY “recipes” for common cleaners, detergents, stain removers, etc. that I was spending a lot of money on in the stores.  Check out my Pinterest board here.

I will leave you with a little piece of advice.  You can file it away and thank me later.  Never rent an apartment where the landlord has painted the inside of the kitchen cupboards.  It would be bad enough if it was a good paint job.  It is a million times worse with cheap paint and a bad paint job.  I have been washing paint flecks off my dishes for two and a half years, despite scraping the paint off and lining the cupboards with contact paper.

Monday, December 10, 2012


It doesn’t look like it, but we are making progress.  Toward moving day, that is.  Ben had Friday and today off.  He was able to get everything off the walls, patch the holes, and he’s finishing the painting now. 


With only five days left to go, I cannot wait for moving day to arrive.  I’m learning to deal with the disorganization, tripping over boxes, and inability to locate simple things like my keys or a candle {the garlic smells continue to harass us…for five more days only!}. 




We sold the last Craigslist item today.  I have another load to take to the thrift store, and we completely filled the garbage cans this morning.  And we went to Ikea for free breakfast and bought a couple of shelving units and rugs that we will need for the new apartment.  I am excited to get organizing a new space!

The kids are getting bored with the few toys I left unpacked, but they are enjoying being able to access other items that they don’t usually get to touch.

I knew they like to grab the iPod every time I turn my back, but I didn’t know there was such a fascination with an infant car seat!