Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun in the Sun and Some Other Stuff…

Some recent events:

  • I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time at my last prenatal appointment.  That was cool!
  • Kenny & Wesley came to visit.  We played at the beach and the mall.  Scroll down to see some pics.
  • I got 12 packages of Kraft shredded cheese for $4.  Now we’re stocked up for a while.  (You probably didn’t want to know that).

Some upcoming events:

  • I have another prenatal appointment and the 20 week ultrasound in June.
  • The semi-annual sale starts at Bath & Body Works on June 1st.  Hurry in to get your bargains before they’re gone!  (This also means that I am working about 25 hours next week instead of my usual 8-10 hours).
  • I am working as an election official for the Democratic Primary in Virginia’s gubernatorial race.  It will be a long boring day because it is such a little election!  It’s called a Democratic Primary, but since state officials don’t run based on party in Virginia, none of the candidates are declared Democrats.  They’re just candidates.  Go figure. 
  • I am going to visit my parents from June 16-24.  My main objective is to fix Mom & Dad’s computer, but I am also going to enjoy being there for Father’s Day.  Mom and I have lots of scrapbooking and rubber stamping planned as well! Hopefully Ben will still be alive when I come home. 
  • We are moving on July 10th.


We made a sandcastle.  Not bad for no shovels or buckets, huh?  Here is Kenny &  Wesley.















They tried to use our Chick-fil-A cups to fill the moat, but the water just soaked into the sand faster than they could fill it.



It took a long time to convince Wesley and Kenny to get into the water because it was still a little chilly.  Once they were in, they were fine.  Then we laid out in the sun for a while.  I was smart and used sunscreen…the boys ended up with sunburns instead of tans!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy {Belated} Memorial Day

front-image I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.  Our church has an annual church picnic at Munden Point Park in Virginia Beach.  Ben was psyched up for a baseball game, but a lot of the guys didn’t make it this year.  He ended up with a couple adults and several kids.  He managed to get dirty, though, so I guess he had a good time!  I was mostly hot the whole time. 


Kenny & Wesley drove in to Virginia Beach yesterday afternoon.  They are returning our second car which we lent to Wesley for the school year.  Today we’re planning to hit the beach and maybe the battleship USS Wisconsin in downtown Norfolk.  They are heading out early in the morning to take Wesley to the Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro, TN.  Wesley will be a teen counselor for the summer.


When Kenny gets back to NC he is transitioning into a position at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newland.  Newland is in Western NC in the mountains.  Kenny will be working with the music ministry, building a choir, and helping with the teens. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Couch, No New Apartment

We were supposed to move this weekend.  When we went for our walk-through on Monday night, we discovered that the apartment which had been set aside for us was not the correct floor plan.  Apparently there was an error in the computer.  There is not another apartment with our floor plan available until July 10th.  As a concession, the complex is giving us the current sale price for rent, and a first floor apartment with a private entrance and patio. 


So…it will be nice.  However, everything was lined up for moving this weekend – the new couch delivered, Ben got the day off, friends to help us, a lease to expire in May 2010 when we are ready to move again (hopefully to an assistant pastor position).


We still had to pick up the couch today because it was already scheduled.  We were ready to get rid of the old one anyway.  We just didn’t want to put the new couch in the old apartment if we’re moving soon.  


Here are some pics:

PICT0005 (1)

The new couch – bigger than the old one, bonded leather, and no sleeper bed.


Our second Home 

This is our new apartment.  Our door is the one peeking out from behind the bush.  Our patio is behind the bush – nice and private.  Our house extends the length of the building to the left.  We will have a washer & dryer, a baby room, and a couple of extra closets.


Our second Home (1)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Great Shopping Trip!!!


I got all of this for $10.18!!!  Between Kroger and Target there were some great deals this week.  Here’s what there is:

-- 2 boxes Ritz crackers – 99 cents each

-- 1-100 calorie pack – 79 cents

-- 4 Kraft light mayo squeeze bottles – 50 cents each

-- 6 Kraft BBQ sauces, 55% extra bottles – 25 cents total

-- 6 Kraft Salad dressings – 62 cents total

-- 5 boxes Kashi Go Lean frozen waffles – 29 cents each

-- 2 Target brand sponges – 64 cents each

-- 1 bag Hershey’s Bliss chocolates - $1.49


When I purchased the six BBQ sauces I got a coupon for $3 off, which allowed me to get the salad dressing for free also.  Actually, I think the girl scanned my coupons too many times at Kroger but she did it so fast I’m not sure.


Total Savings: $45.83

Percentage Saved: 75%

It’s a deal!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Pram has Arrived

My dad got orders to England with the Air Force just when they knew I was on the way.  When he arrived in England ahead of Mom, he purchased two things – a Sheltie puppy, and a baby pram.  When we announced that we are expecting, he pulled the pram out of the attic and began restoring it.  When we met in NC for the graduation, he gave it to us. 


He had it re-upholstered, added the cover over the baby’s legs in case of rain, and ordered new rubber wheels from the Netherlands.  The rubbers are still on their way.  Here is a picture of the pram.  We are planning to use it as our “bassinette” when baby first comes home.




Ben started work on the crib while we were in NC.  He has all of the pieces cut out, but the spindles need routed and sanded, and then everything has to be put together and finished.  Here is the stack of wood in our living room.  It is maple and handmade, so it will be sturdy and strong.  Someone in our church gave us their crib mattress when their daughter moved into a bed, so we are all set!



Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day!

I received several cards for my “first” mother’s day.  It was special!  We had a Mother’s Day lunch with my parents and grandparents at Fatz Cafe in Shelby, NC.  Here are a few pictures….



Dad, Kenny, Wesley, Mom, Andrea (& Baby), Ben



Mom & Her Kids

Congrats to Kenny & Wesley!



Ben & I traveled to Shelby, NC for Kenny & Wesley’s Graduation from Ambassador Baptist College.


Kenny, Andrea, and Wesley

Kenny received his Bachelor of Second Man Music, and Wesley received his Certificate in Bible.  Kenny is taking a church in Western NC to work with the music and youth.  Wesley is spending the summer at the Bill Rice Ranch as a counselor.


PICT0175    PICT0178

The whole fam, and the boys & parents.



Grandma & Grandpa Paul with Kenny & Wes



Uncle Scott traveled down with Grandma & Grandpa.



An old friend, Glenn Wilson Stevenson III.  I think he was excited to graduate!  He is taking an ABC quartet down south this summer, and then going into full time evangelism with Richard Harper.



“Graduations do this to me.”  ~Dad



Kenny with Doc Scovill and his wife Evelyn.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Deal of the Week

Here is my grocery deal of the week:  11 boxes of name brand cereal for less than $9.00!!!



The Special Cereal was a Target deal: buy five boxes at $2.39 each and get a $5 gift card.  I used 4 $1 off coupons from and my total after coupons and gift card was $3.12!  That’s about 62 cents a box. 


The Fruit Loops, Pops, Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, and Frosted Flakes were at our Food Lion grocery store for $1.99 a box, and I used 6 $1 off coupons from, making them 99 cents a box.  Not bad!   We now have enough cereal to last us an eternity.


My grocery savings in coupons and sales for the month of April was $152.79, with my best shopping trip being a savings of 78%.  I have a lot of snack foods, cereal, pasta, and side dishes.  I get my meat on the clearance sale (when it is about to expire), and my bread at Big Lots for more than 50% off.  It works out pretty good for us!


My goal for May is to spend $40 a week or less in groceries, and $40 total for the month in cleaning supplies, paper items, and toiletries – for a total of $200 in May.  We’ll see how I do!