Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Wow!

I can’t go wordless today, so how about a Wednesday Wow?  For the 2012 Republican nomination, “We Pick Rick!”  Today, my brother Wesley got to meet Rick Santorum at a rally held at The Crown College (where Wes is a student) in Tennessee.  When Rick finished the speech, Wesley got a picture with him!  Ben is going to be jealous when he finds out!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Motherhood Printable Subway Art

I found a Motherhood quote subway art on Pinterest the other day.  I really liked the quote, but it wasn’t a good enough image file to print full sheet.  So I decided to recreate it.  And I thought I would offer it as a free printable.

To print, click the image to view it full size.  Then right click on the image and save it to your desktop (or another location which you will remember).  Now you have the .jpg image which you can print.  If you choose to use this on your own blog, please link back here.

Motherhood Subway art 8x10 jpg

Motherhood Subway art 5x7 jpg

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Noise With Dirt On It

I found this picture on Pinterest of a boy’s bedroom wall.


Ben and I decided it was the perfect definition of Nolan!  We often refer to him as “the noise with dirt on it.”  Recently, it has taken on a new meaning.  Because Nolan’s new best friend is the vacuum – and it is literally noise with dirt in it!

Really - Nolan is in L.O.V.E. with the vacuum cleaner.  He absolutely goes crazy when you turn it on!  If you turn your back for a moment, Nolan crawls as fast as he can to the hallway, where the vacuum lives.  He crawls up on it, laughs to it, and gets downright excited.

So…the last couple of times that I have vacuumed the house, I have left the vacuum in the floor for Nolan to explore.  Today he played with it for over an hour.  Seriously.  Happy, laughing, excited.  The whole time.

Nolan and the Vacuum

Nolan and the Vacuum

Nolan and the Vacuum

Nolan and the Vacuum

Nolan and the Vacuum

So it is decided.  When Nolan grows up, he wants to vacuum.  And I love my little dirty noise!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Elaine’s Bible Verses

A while back I printed several Bible verses on half-sheet sized papers to teach Elaine.  For each verse I added a clip art picture to help her remember the verse…you know…because she can’t read yet!   I laminated the pages, and added two binder rings so it would function as a book.  As I come across other verses that she should learn, or that can be shortened to just a few words, we add to the book. 

Elaine has been learning very well!  The pictures help her remember, but I am surprised at how well she knows the verses.  We turned on the video camera today so you could join us in our memory time.  She was a little mesmerized by the camera and didn’t do as well as she usually does, but I think you will still be impressed!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brooklyn Update

2012 Prayer Card jpg

I’m sure you’ve all just been on the edge of your seat waiting for an update from us!  I couldn’t believe it has been over a year since we sent a letter – I’m sorry for the delay!  This update is more about our family than our ministry, but it should catch you up to speed!

February 2012 Update

To view the rest of our updates, and the sign-up list to receive updates by email, please click here.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rainbow Rice

We made this a couple of weeks ago, but I never posted the pictures.  Inspired by Pinterest, and my friend Sarah, we colored rice to make an indoor “sandbox.”

Rainbow Rice
Similar to coloring eggs, use 1-2 Tbsp of vinegar and some food coloring.  My food coloring was the gel kind, so I shook it up in the vinegar until dissolved, before adding 1 1/2 cups of rice.  Then shake to coat the rice – we used a canning jar and plastic lid.

Rainbow Rice
Lay the rice out on a foil covered cookie sheet.  Bake at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes (to dry the rice).  Then have fun!  We had neon rice in four colors.

Rainbow Rice
Elaine used her play dishes, empty spice bottles, and measuring cups to have fun!

Rainbow Rice

Rainbow Rice

I also hid some small toys in the rice while Elaine was closing her eyes.  Then she had to dig through the rice to find the treasures.  We had too much fun, and she has asked to play with the rice on several occasions since!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Little Blessings

Here is a little bit of what I am thankful for, and a little bit of what’s going on in our lives, as seen through the camera lens!

:: My little girl and her great big imagination, and how fast she is learning and growing!  Here she is feeding Betsy a hot dog for breakfast.

Elaine feeding Betsy

:: A random visit from Grandma Fezzi!

Grandma Fezzi Visits

:: A library that we can easily visit, since it is only 2 blocks away! Elaine loves books and going to the “library”!

Grandma Fezzi Visits

:: Siblings finally learning to play together without too much fighting!

Kiddos Playing together

:: A little helper to pack my diaper orders, which continue to come in consistently.

Mommy's Little Helper  Mommy's Little Helper

:: Opportunities to teach Elaine to share the Gospel.  Though we were the only family who showed up for soul-winning, we were able to pass out some literature and teach Elaine too.  Here she is handing out “papers” with Daddy!

Passing Out Tracts  Passing Out Tracts

:: A big box of Valentine’s goodies {read “chocolate”} from Grandma Godby.  Elaine loved th dress and insisted in wearing it with her striped shirt, polka-dot tights, and black “leather” boots.  She was a sight!

Valentine's Day Box  Valentine's Day Box

Valentine's Day Box
Nolan went straight for his chocolate too, before I could get a good picture of the adorable bags my mom made.  See her pictures here!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Nolan Moments

Here are a couple of recent Nolan videos.  He just started eating puffs, and really likes to be able to put things in his mouth, by himself, and not have Mommy pull them out!

Nolan also likes to play this game with Daddy.  But…sometimes he gets tired or lazy, and forgets to supply the noise.  Then he looks at Ben with shock as if to ask, “Where is the noise Daddy?”  It makes us laugh every time!

Special Delivery for Ma & Pa

Elaine is coming via Priority Mail to visit you!  Warning:  She will drink your coffee, eat your chocolate, and steal your heart!


How’s that for a snazzy outfit?

Notice the mailing label?  Can you guess what Elaine was helping me with today?

Wordless Wednesday #2: Baby Walking

Nolan Walking

Nolan Walking

Wordless Wednesday: Babywearing


Monday, February 6, 2012


I was working on a blog post when Elaine came running over.  She wanted me to take a picture of Betsy (her baby doll).  I decided to humor her, and grabbed my camera.  I followed Elaine to the living room, and she helped me take this picture:


You may be thinking I have lost my marbles.  Perhaps I should explain why Betsy is “nakee”.  You see, Betsy had a dirty diaper, so being a good mommy, Elaine took it off.  Betsy then went “poo-poo” on the big girl potty.  Isn’t that amazingly fast for potty training? 

I said to Elaine, “What is Betsy doing?”  I received this reply, “She paying.”  {She’s playing}.  Nolan has just started pulling himself up on the furniture, and I loves to stand here at the “coffee table” and play with the handle or his toys.  I guess Betsy is just following his example!

Now you’re probably wondering why I put this on my blog.  Well, Elaine wanted the picture on the computer.  And I just thought you might need a little Monday morning chuckle.  Hope your day is filled with as much excitement as mine is sure to be!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Doable Diapers Button PNGDid you know that I have a home business?  I sell cloth diapers online.  My store is called Doable Diapers.  I won’t get into the whys and hows of cloth diapers in this post, but you can feel free to email me if you have questions.  I love talking about “fluff.”

November and December were very slow months for my business.  I was barely making my obligatory payments for things like my website and postage.  

Then Ben lost his job.  I have been asking the Lord to increase my sales.  And He has!  Business has been very  good in January.  New customers.  Repeat customers.  Lots of business.  Just when we needed it.  Just when I turned it over to Him.  And I am thankful.