Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Twinsies ~ Three Months

Today the twins are three months old!  (Also 13 weeks…)  They are getting so big and growing so fast!  Nehemiah weighed in at 13.1 pounds this morning, and Liberty was 11 pounds.  {I weighed them at home, so we’re probably off a little bit.} 

Liberty & Nehemiah at 3 months

It’s neat to see the different personalities developing.  Liberty and Nehemiah both seem to settle down a little bit when the other twin is close by.  Nehemiah pretty much smiles and laughs through his days.  He is always wiggling his toes and sticking through holes in the blanket, or poking them out from underneath the blanket.  He moves a lot when he sleeps – he is always the one out of his covers when I get them up!

Liberty & Nehemiah at 3 months

Liberty is more of a talker, giving us little coos and gurgles but less smiles.  If there is a problem, Liberty is usually the first to holler about it.  She always seems to have her right leg in motion, and particularly enjoys bath time.  She starts smiling and kicking as soon as she touches the water!

Liberty & Nehemiah at 3 months

As far as “milestones” go, Liberty rolled over from tummy to back yesterday.  A couple of days ago I got my first real belly laugh from Nehemiah.  He seems to be ticklish – gets that from me!

People are starting to say that Liberty looks like Nolan.  Then they usually ask me who Nehemiah favors, so I guess that means he doesn’t look like any of us! I just think he looks like a little old man most of the time. {No offense to any “little old men” in particular!}  Liberty’s hair is still red.  She hasn’t really lost any hair yet, so maybe it will stay!  Both twinsies are retaining their blue eyes, at least for now.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Little Pretties

Elaine had this little green polka-dot dress from Grandma Godby.  She didn’t wear it much because she didn’t grow very fast, and it was short sleeved.  Liberty is getting to use it now.  Here are both of my little girls, in the same outfit!

Elaine 12 weeks

Elaine 12 weeks   Liberty in Green Dress
I’ve been thinking that Liberty looks like Elaine as a baby, but in these pictures I can see the differences!  Liberty is so small that the little green matching headband is still waaaaay too big!

Liberty in Green Dress

Liberty in Green Dress

Liberty in Green Dress
Her hair really looks red in these pictures, but some days it still looks brown to me.  We’ll have to wait and see if the red stays…I’m really hoping it does!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Ben!

Last week we decided to take a mini-vacation to Pittsfield, MA where Ben's folks live.  I had already planned to come and attend the Garden Tour with Mom Hamilton, but Ben came along too and we extended the trip by two days.  It has been fun and relaxing!  We enjoyed a day at the lake {but not the sunburns that followed}, the Garden Tour, napping, a washing machine {!}, playing outside in the wading pool, eating on the deck, lunch with friends, and celebrating Ben's 28th birthday with his family.  I'll write more on the other events later, but I wanted to share some pictures from Ben's birthday!

When we woke up there was a birthday banner hanging over the doorway.  It was a tradition when Ben was growing up.  This was his first birthday home in a while, so Mom pulled it out again!  

The kids and I gave him an Orioles Chris Davis t-shirt.  We didn't make him wait until cake and ice cream time to give it...we let him enjoy wearing it all day!
We spent the afternoon with the Kunzmann family in Savoy, MA.  Ross was Ben's first employer {many years ago!}.  Our kids thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Kunzmann kids, and being allowed to wander free outside.  

After naptime we headed to Wahconah Park for a Pittsfield Suns baseball game.  It is a summer collegiate league.  Ben's sister, Meredith, works at the games.  

This is what Liberty thinks about baseball!

Ben with the twins

The whole fam

Nehemiah totally enjoyed the game - he was awake and happy for a looooong time!

Nolan & Elaine enjoyed playing on the inflatable bounce houses at one end of the park.  There were a lot of runs scored in the game, so things were pretty exciting.  This was the first baseball game for the twins.  And just like Nolan's first baseball game as a baby, it rained and we ended up leaving early.  But not before they announced Ben's birthday to all of the fans at the park!  

We had the Hamilton tradition - chocolate cake with chocolate icing!


Monday, July 15, 2013

The Rewards Are Eternal

{This is a long post…you have been warned!}

Friday night concluded our Summer Adventure Club (SAC).  It was an exhausting week, yet very rewarding.  This is the first time that Ben and I have “directed” something this big.  And while Ben may have been the main face behind the program, it was definitely a team effort from the whole church {just the way it should be!}.  We had a lot of ideas, but even more people who helped put the ideas into action.  There were things we forgot and people helped us remember.  And in the end I think we can call the week a success.

I just wanted to recognize several groups of people who really made the week what it was.  You know where you served, and I want you to know that you were appreciated – we couldn’t have done it without you!

The planning stages started months ago as we prepped for our annual Harvest Party.  Hurricane Sandy interrupted our plans, but we were able to use many of those games and decorations to produce our SAC club this summer.  I had a talented crew of decorators.  I gave them the theme, and they made it happen.  You can see by the pictures that it looked great!

This is the first year that I didn’t sit at the registration table…not even for a minute!  I had a group of ladies who arrived extra early each evening to check people in and hand out nametags.  If you’ve ever tried to register a group of excited children, you know that it is definitely a high-stress job!  They did it wonderfully, and we averaged 47 kids per night (though it was a different group each night).

Our teenagers pulled a lot of weight this year.  I think that this week brought them a little closer as a group, and definitely stretched them.  They worked hard, and we wore them out!  The teen class {and a couple of adults & college students} produced the nightly skit which built excitement in order to draw kids back each night, hoping to find out the conclusion.  Everyone had to come out of their shell a little bit in order to play their part, but they did so well!  And even with Ben constantly got on their case to “speak louder” or “do it again” they complied and rose to the challenge.

The drama was whether or not the “Mean Queen” would spoil the Friday Fair.  In the end, she was defeated, {of course} and the kids enjoyed a fair put on mostly by the teens.  I heard nothing but good feedback about the fun the kids had.  So thank you teens! I really didn’t know if the skit would be a big deal to the kids or not…but it was definitely one of the main attractions!

The “in character” pose -
Princess Frumpella, The Mean Queen, Rotton Hood, The Dark Prince, The Narrator, King Arthuritis, Queen Gwnever, Tilly, Wart, Chester the Jester, Maid Marian, Lady in Waiting Poppy, and Sir Laughalot

No skit would be complete without acting a little goofy!

SAC 2013
Lacey introduced and closed each skit!

SAC 2013
Ben and Emily plotting to destroy the Friday Fair

SAC 2013
The Regal Entrance

SAC 2013
Wart succeeds in his quest… David Albee, Thomas, and Jordan.  Jordan probably had the hardest part and the most lines, but by the end of the week he was definitely comfortable as a king!

SAC 2013
The dragon head, carried by David and Alex – I thought Ben was pretty creative to use a watermelon to design our dragon’s head!

SAC 2013
The Friday Night skit

SAC 2013
Some of our Friday Fair carnival style games – shoot the ball through the ring of fire and into the lion’s mouth…

SAC 2013
Face Painting – to Elaine’s delight!

SAC 2013
“Fishing in the Moat”…for ducks!  I had the most trouble with this game, because my duckies wouldn’t stay floating right side up!

SAC 2013
Sir Laughalot was in charge of game time.  Here are the Primaries just arriving at the Friday Fair

SAC 2013
Shooting the ping pong balls down with a water gun – Chester’s Target Practice

SAC 2013
Arm Wrestling

Our snack time was run by several talented ladies who were faithful each night from chilling juice boxes to sweeping the floor to handing out sno cones.  They made our supplies stretch for the week, but adequately served each child who came.  And when a last minute decision moved Sno Cones from game time to snack time, my kitchen ladies stepped up and ran the sno cone machine for me, to the children’s delight!

SAC 2013

We had three different class groups with teachers from our own congregation this year.  They did an excellent job preparing lessons and leading the children.  We had many teens and adults who were ready to counsel kids who were moved by the Lord during the lesson.  There was a constant shift of workers depending on where we had a need, but everyone moved willingly to fill the gaps.

I was happy to see the kids’ involvement during the week.  Our 4s & 5s group was really more of a 3s & 4s group so that some of the workers’ children could participate while their parents worked in SAC.  It was a young group, but they did a great job {and so did their teachers!}.  We even had one young man learn 8 extra credit verses for the week – I was so impressed!

SAC 2013
Song Time

SAC 2013

Other kids invited friends, said many verses, brought in thousands of pennies, and thoroughly enjoyed the competition.  We had a different dynamic this year because we had no church van to shuttle kids in from different neighborhoods.  We had parents and church people who went to the extra effort to get the visitors to Summer Adventure Club.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  And hopefully next year our van will be back in commission!

SAC 2013
The Penny Parade is always a highlight of the evening.  The girls won three nights and brought in the most pennies, but the boys came back to win on Thursday and Friday nights!

And personally I was blessed by the nursery workers and other adults who just sat and held my babies so I could assist Ben.  Maybe I could have done some of it with one baby in my arms, but definitely not with two!  You lightened my load this week, and I am grateful!

I titled this post “The Rewards are Eternal” because that is exactly what happened last week.  All of these people were actively involved in laying up treasure in heaven.  And for the three children who accepted Christ as their Savior, and the others who were counseled on other issues, their lives are forever changed.  Thank you for pouring out of yourself and pushing through an exhausting week so that these kids can know about eternal life in Jesus.  I wish I could give you an all a reward for your efforts, but I will let our Lord do that one day in heaven!

Thanks to all those who prayed for our week.  You have a part in our eternal rewards, too!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Adventure Club

Please pray for our Summer Adventure Club this week.  It begins tonight at 6:30 p.m. and runs each night this week.

Last year we had several children and even a couple of parents saved as a result of the week. This year we desire more fruit to abound!

Here are some specifics requests:

  • Our teens are involved this year. They have worked hard. Pray for their skit to go well.  They all have lines to remember, but yesterday went very well!
  • Pray for the teens and adults as they counsel, that the Lord would give them the words and the wisdom to know if the child is ready to accept the Lord.
  • Pray for many to come. Last year we had a church van to shuttle kids in. Then Hurricane Sandy claimed our van, so we are improvising this year.  We have handed out a lot of flyers and invitations!
  • Pray for the teachers as they present their lessons and the Gospel.

Here are a couple of pictures from our skit practices.  I never knew how exhausting a production like this is.  Just pulling together the props has me worn out!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Elaine ~ 3.5 Years

Elaine wanted in on pictures when I was taking Nolan’s 2 year pictures.  She is doing this funny pose for everything with a half smile…but it’s totally her right now! 

Elaine 3.5 Years Portraits   Elaine 3.5 Years Portraits

Elaine 3.5 Years Portraits

Elaine 3.5 Years Portraits  Elaine 3.5 Years Portraits

My Kiddos

Elaine 3.5 yr Loves jpg

Nolan 2 yr Loves jpg

Twins 2 months abilities jpg

Nolan ~ 2 Years

My mom asked for an updated picture of Nolan recently.  I wanted to take some shots of him for his 2 year pictures anyway.  But with a crazy week, and VBS next week…I honestly didn’t know when I would get them done.  So today after lunch I threw a cute outfit {cowboy boots included} on him and headed out in search of a shaded brick wall.  I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Nolan 2 Years Portraits
{I think this one is my favorite…}

Nolan 2 Years Portraits
{This is Nolan’s smile!}

Nolan 2 Years Portraits

Nolan 2 Years Portraits

Nolan 2 Years Portraits
{L.O.V.E. the hands in his pockets!}

Nolan 2yrs Elaine 3.5yrs
{Elaine wanted to be in one too}