Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day

Brooklyn BlizzardThe sun has set and our wonderful first snow day is coming to an end.  Ben arrived at work with two other employees.  The people with the key couldn’t get through, so he came home.  That was the beginning of a lovely day!  (right: a view down our block of 73rd St.)

Brooklyn BlizzardA 15 minute train ride took Ben over an hour on the return trip.  They were only running the “R” line, and they had “D” trains on the track!  Yesterday an “A” train was stranded on the track for over seven hours, full of people!

After lunch we ventured out to the Post Office.  You probably think we’re crazy, right?  Well, I had diaper orders to mail, and the office was open.  Ben rigged a Rubbermaid box to be a “sled” for Elaine.  Pretty creative!  She kept leaning to the left and dragging her head in the snow!

Brooklyn Blizzard
this is Elaine on a snow drift.  That’s a car behind her.

Brooklyn Blizzard
our car snowed in – this is the good side.  Unfortunately, the side with the snow drifts is also the side with the broken window. 
Read about that adventure here.

Brooklyn Blizzard
Elaine was the keeper of the tissue box for all of our runny noses!

To my dismay, I arrived at the P.O. to be told, “We’re not taking any parcels.”  Let me just interject that this is one more mark against the USPS in my book.  The little office in our neighborhood doesn’t deliver mail.  So what was the point of being open if they aren’t accepting packages?  Do they think I’m going to come out in zero degree weather (including wind chill) to send a note to my grandmother?  Anyway, I digress.

It was very windy.  I dropped my bag at one point.  My glove blew out of my hand at the same moment.  My camera came out of the bag and went blowing along the icy sidewalk!  We had to turn Elaine around backwards, and I walked backwards to keep the stinging ice crystals out our faces.

There were buses, taxi cabs, and lots of cars stranded everywhere.  They had managed to plow one lane down fourth avenue.  A couple of brave souls were digging out their vehicles. 

Brooklyn Blizzard

We walked home via 5th Avenue.  This taxi driver was trying to remove his cab from the middle of the road.  When he had it dug out enough, the cab spun so fast it crashed into that parked car on the right.  Glad my car isn’t on a main drag!

Brooklyn Blizzard

Somewhere there is a taxi driver that won’t be making any money for a while.  This is his car – snowed in, with another car double parked and snowed in.  Big problem!

Brooklyn Blizzard

This van on our street had huge drifts on top…pretty amazing!

Brooklyn Blizzard

Now I know that the grandma’s just want to see pictures of Elaine, so here they are!

Brooklyn BlizzardShe managed to walk a little, despite the three layers of clothing and little-bit-too-big boots.  She even enjoyed a snowball or too!

We finished the adventure by burying Elaine in snow and making snow angels. 

Brooklyn Blizzard

Brooklyn BlizzardShe was fine and happy…

Brooklyn Blizzard…until Daddy removed her pacifier!

Brooklyn Blizzard
on our front steps

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