Friday, December 24, 2010


The Starbucks Christmas blend was brewing.  Ben was on his way to work.  Elaine was still sleeping.  I was just sitting down to enjoy the peaceful moments for devotions and blogging when Ben walked back in the bedroom.  “He must have forgotten his keys.”  Then I realized that he must have unlocked the front door with his keys.

“What’s wrong?”  I asked

“Our car window is all smashed in.  I think they took the GPS.  I have to call the police,” was Ben’s response.



I had a sinking feeling wash over me.  Since switching our license plates and insurance to New York State, we now only had liability coverage.  Our vehicle is older, so we won’t get much of a settlement if it is wrecked.  And car insurance is expensive here!  But that meant no glass coverage.

Ben called the police.  The car was on the next block.  I bundled up Elaine, who awoke in the commotion.  We went to help Ben clean up.

The vandals has completely broken the passenger side window.  The contents of the glove box and the console were spewed everywhere.  The EZ Pass was still in the window, and the radio was intact.  In fact, even the GPS was still there – I keep it in a cosmetic bag in the side pocket.  Apparently the vandals couldn’t find it.  I’m glad we didn’t lose anything, except the money that it will cost to fix the window.

The police officers weren’t really able to do anything once we realized nothing had been stolen.  The GPS cradle had been left on the windshield, and it probably tipped off the vandals to break into our car.  I guess we learned that lesson! 

I guess this is part of living in The Big City, but it certainly wasn’t what I expected on Christmas Eve morning.

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  1. Man, that's too bad!
    I was talking to a Pastor recently who had started a church in Long Island years ago. He said he never locked his car doors in all those years, but still the only time the car was broken into they smashed the windows anyway!
    Hope you all still have a great Christmas!


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