Thursday, October 6, 2016

Keep on Creature Adventuring

I just have to brag on my kids for a minute. They love watching Wild Kratts on PBS, and since it's not laced with evolution we enjoy letting them. They have learned so much about Gods amazing creatures! In fact, zoo trips are not usually educational anymore.  My kids can spew out creature facts faster than we can read placards!

So…all on their own…they came up with an idea, that they needed to tell Martin and Chris Kratt Who made all these wonderful creatures. My kids decided that the best thing would be to send the Kratts a Bible and tell them about Jesus. So today Elaine and Daddy drafted a letter which Elaine copied out neatly. We ordered a blue and a green Bible, because those are Martin and Chris' favorite colors. And we included a tract, a picture of our family, and some pictures colored by the kids. I'm so thankful they want to share our Jesus with others, and that they are not afraid to do so! #keeponcreatureadventuring #gospelnews

Gift for the Kratt Brothers  Gift for the Kratt Brothers
Elaine writing the letter  |  The packages

Gift for the Kratt Brothers
Nolan wrote the name cards for the Bible gifts!

Gift for the Kratt Brothers
Elaine’s Letter:
“Dear Martin and Chris,
We love watching your shows about creatures!  We believe that natures is awesome too.  We believe that God made it all.  We want you to know Him.  Please accept this gift which can introduce you to the Creator and Savior of the whole world!”

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Visit with Grandma & Grandpa Hamilton

Since we were home for a couple of weeks to do some house hunting, Mom & Dad Hamilton, a.k.a. Grandma  & Grandpa came down for a day visit.  We enjoyed just being with them – puzzles, baseball, dinner, and everything in between!

Nolan and Grandpa doing a puzzle
We managed to end in a tie so no one threw a fit about losing!

Nolan and Grandpa doing a puzzle

With Grandma & Grandpa Hamilton
Elaine, Nehemiah, Mom, Nolan, Henry, Dad, Libs

With Grandma & Grandpa Hamilton
The inevitable silliness that comes when we say “Lets take a picture!”

With Mom & Dad Hamilton
Not bad for one taken by a kiddo…Elaine helped with this one!