Sunday, July 31, 2011

What’s In A Name?

Many people have asked me about Nolan’s name, so I thought I would answer with a blog post.  Lot’s of you ask if he is named after this guy:


Don’t recognize him?  That’s okay…I wouldn’t have either!  How about this?


Yes…it’s the same guy – the famous baseball player, Nolan Ryan!  If you have been reading here long, you may remember this post where I said that we might name our first son Nolan after Nolan Ryan.  I was mostly kidding, though we did have “Nolan” our our list of boy’s names.  Nolan means noble or famous.

So…is our son named after the baseball great?  Not exactly.  Ben loves baseball.  Ben admires Nolan Ryan as a baseball player.  But our Nolan is not a namesake.  You see names are important.  And we would only want to purposely name our child after someone if that someone was someone godly – a good example and testimony of living for the Lord.  I don’t know that much about Nolan Ryan to say one way or the other regarding his personal life.  So Nolan is named “after” Nolan Ryan only in that they have the same name.  Ben first heard the name Nolan because of Nolan Ryan, and he really liked the name.  I did too, so we decided to use it. 

(Wow…there were a lot of “Nolan’s” in that paragraph!)

Nolan’s middle name is Obadiah.  This is from the Obadiah of the Old Testament, in case you didn’t know.  The name means “servant of the LORD.”  In the Bible, Obadiah hid the prophets of the LORD from wicked King Ahab and Queen Jezebel (see 1 Kings 18).  From what we know of his life as recorded in the Bible, we believe he was a person worthy of being named after, and we like the significance of the meaning of the name.

While Ben hopes that it won’t be too long before Nolan is throwing a baseball in the “back yard” (those don’t really exist in Brooklyn), our desire for our little guy is more that he will live up to his middle name and be a servant of the LORD, in whatever capacity the Lord wants to use him.  Or as Mom used to say to my brothers, we want him to grow up to be “a great man for God.”

And that is what is in Nolan’s name.

Nolan's Newborn Portraits(But it’s okay if he wants to play baseball and be a great man for God!)


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nolan is One Month Old!

One month ago we welcomed Nolan into our family.  It has been a month of adjustments (and we’re not there yet), but also of fun and joy.  Elaine is protective of her little brother.  When he cries she is by his side in an instant to offer a pacifier or share a toy (none of which quells the crying).  She is also a little jealous…if I am holding Nolan she wants to be in my lap or by my side as well.

Nolan is gaining weight more rapidly than Elaine did.  He weighed over 10 pounds the last time I put him on the postage scale!  I was relieved that at three weeks of age he finally decided to accept a pacifier.  He smiles a lot in his sleep.  When he is awake he is very active – always moving his arm as if he is pitching a baseball (okay…there’s a little bit of imagination in that statement), or pushing up with his feet.  He  has been lifting his head since day 1 in the hospital, and now he is pretty steady at holding his head upright.  I guess he is nosey like his mommy.

Nolan is still confused on days and nights, or he has a touch of colic…I’m not really sure which.  He is most awake in the late evening.  Once he goes to sleep he usually sleeps well – 4 or 5 hours at night.  Sometimes I can’t get him to sleep until the wee hours of the morning.  Mommy is hoping he figures it out soon so we can both sleep!




Matching diapers on my kiddos!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shower of Blessings

Being a new mommy to two kiddos means…I’m always tired, and I don’t always get to sleep at night!  I have been wanting to write this post for several days, but I’m just now getting around to it.

On Saturday, July 23rd, I was the recipient of a “Shower of Blessings” in the form of a baby shower for Nolan.  The ladies at Bethel Baptist Fellowship surprised me (yes – I was really surprised) and hosted the shower while my mom was in town.  Ben’s mom and sister also came down for the shower. 

Ben told me we were going to the Aquarium, but we had to stop at church first to finish a project.  (It was something that I had been asking nagging him to do for a few weeks).  He got me into the auditorium by saying he left his Bible there earlier that morning during the visitation outreach.  When I walked through the door I was greeted with “surprise” by all of the ladies and girls of the church.

I never suspected a thing.  The ladies got together and bought us a new double stroller as I blogged about here.  I never expected, or suspected a shower was in the works too…especially since this was my second baby.

The shower was full of all of my favorite things – Mexican food, my favorite hymn, a wonderful challenge from God’s Word, and the sweet fellowship of my Christian friends.  It was a lovely afternoon, and our family was indeed showered with blessings – above measure!

:: The Décor ::

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan   Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan

:: The Food ::

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
I L.O.V.E. the duckies in the punch!

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan  Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
There was sooooo much delicious food!  I know I didn’t get to sample everything!

:: The Surprise ::

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan  Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan

:: The People ::

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
The Grandma’s, the Grandkids, and Me
Mom/Sherry Godby, Me, Elaine, Mom/Sissy Hamilton, Nolan

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
Mary Cedeno, Mom Hamilton, Meredith, Nancy Bickel, Agnes Leon

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
Me, Nolan, and Ben

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
I know there were many people involved in making the shower happen.  I don’t know everyone who helped, but I know that Agnes was “in charge” and Mary did the games and decorations.  (At least I think I know that!)

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
Auntie Meredith meets Nolan!

:: The Program ::

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan  Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
Symphony & Lacey Hyden sang “Cherish the Moment” and Sherry Hyden gave the devotion.  She used an acrostic for Nolan’s name, and it was just what I needed to hear!

N – New grace for being Mommy to two kids
O – Only you can be your child’s mom
L – Look to and lean on God. 
A – A sense of adventure
N – Never ending encouragement to star and to keep doing right.

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
While we thought we were rememebering the items on the tray, we were really supposed to remember Suzanne’s outfit!

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
Pass the pacifier with skewers and no hands!

:: The Baby ::

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
I think he’s having fun, what do you think?

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
On second thought, maybe he was just bored!  Or happy to be held all afternoon!

:: The Baby’s Sister ::

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
Elaine enjoyed the parasols/umbrellas from the table décor!

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan

:: The Gifts ::

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan

Surprise Baby Shower for Nolan
Nolan is completely decked out with blankets, bath towels, bibs, socks, and many adorable outfits!  I could not believe how many gifts we received, and we are truly blessed!

A World We Never Touch

The lyrics from this song have been stuck in my head lately.  They have caused me to contemplate what I am doing to touch the world around me with the love of Jesus.

He walked along the shores of Galilee.
From clay he formed the healing balm that caused the blind to see.
When stones of wrath weighed heavy in their hand,
He knelt to write His mercy in the sand.
Jesus came to set the captives free;
showed us by the way He lived, the way we need to be.
Our love is more than words could ever say -
We must touch them with compassion to help them find their way.

How can we reach a world we never touch?
How can we show them Christ if we never show them love?
Just to say we care will never be enough.
How can we reach a world we never touch?

Could we be so busy being saved?
Trying to impress a world, that’s long since lost its way?
We pride ourselves in being set apart,
Yet we don’t take time to touch a broken heart.
Even if we found the time to care,
would we take the risk involved in always being there?
While we hold the very thing they need so much –
Sometimes the Word of God can pass through just a simple touch.

How can we reach a world we never touch?
How can we show them Christ if we never show them love?
Just to say we care will never be enough.
How can we reach a world we never touch?

We hide behind these walls and the security of friends
While beyond the stained glass windows, the world is lost in sin.
How can we reach a world we never touch?
How can we show them Christ if we never show them love?
Just to say we care will never be enough.
How can we reach a world we never touch?

There is a particular person that always comes to mind when I hear this song. May you reach out and touch someone today.  As you let the love of Jesus be displayed through you, you can change someone’s life for eternity!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Nolan’s First Bath

Nolan’s cord stump fell off last week.  In the hustle and bustle of Summer Adventure Club (our church’s VBS) we didn’t get to do the “first bath” and take pictures.  So last night, Nolan got to take a bath in the tub, and big sister got to help with the process.  I’m not sure who was more excited, Nolan or Elaine!

He really doesn’t know what is about to happen…

Elaine was so excited to play in the water that Ben couldn’t get her to look at the camera.

…and she was even more excited when I let her “help” wash Nolan’s hair!

Nolan was very calm about the whole thing. I don’t remember Elaine being calm about bath time until she was older.

All done!  (He smellled soooooo wonderful after the Baby Magic bath, and then I slathered him with Baby Magic lotion.  Mmmmmm…one of my favorite smells!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My First “Mommy Caravan”

Some of the ladies at church bought me this double stroller. 
Elaine can sit or stand on the back jumpseat, and Nolan can ride in his car seat or sit in the regular seat when he is older. 
So we tested it out today…I took my little caravan for a walk!
It’s so nice to have “wheels” again!