Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hairbow Holder

I used one of my Pinterest inspirations to make a hair-bow holder for Elaine.  I used a 25 cent frame from the thrift store.  I gave it a facelift with some white spray paint.  Later I gave it a second facelift after Nolan disturbed it while the paint was drying.

img_3531  Elaine's New Bow Holder

Elaine's New Bow Holder

When the frame was dry we glued strips of ribbon down the backside.  The bows will clip onto the ribbons.  I think I should have spaced my ribbons further apart, but it still works well.  And besides…Elaine has a lot of hair bows!

Elaine's New Bow Holder

Elaine's New Bow Holder

Elaine's New Bow Holder

This is how it looks sans hair bows.

Elaine's New Bow Holder

Voila!  See…I told you she had a lot of bows!

Elaine's New Bow Holder

Elaine definitely likes choosing which hair bow to wear each day…even more than she liked it before!  We even had to hang the bow holder out of reach to keep it in tact!

New Spring Wreath

It’s just a little deal, but every time I see my new wreath I smile.  I wasn’t sure at first…but it’s definitely growing on me.  My friend Sarah posted a tutorial on ribbon flowers.  So easy, but nice, pretty, and springy.  I thought they would be great on my 25 cent thrift store wreath.  Elaine helped me select the ribbon and buttons, and we put it together, together!




Friday, March 23, 2012

He’s a Godby

Ever since we had this picture taken…

Godby Family Pictures at Owl's Head Park

…I’ve known that Nolan takes after my side of the family.  I guess since he looks so much like my dad, that makes him a Godby more than a Paul.  But then I started looking through some of my baby pictures and I realized that he looks like me too!

Andrea vs. Nolan jpg

I don’t think of myself as the chubby-cheeked little baby I see in Nolan, but there’s the proof…I guess I was at one time!

Don’t cry, Mom.  Just enjoy reminiscing!

The Little Man

Nolan 9 month portraits

Nolan 9 month portraits

Always in action!

Nolan 9 month portraits

Nolan 9 month portraits

Nolan 9 month portraits
His shirt says “squirmy” – so appropriate!

For pictures of Elaine, click here.  All pictures used by permission.

My Little Princess

My friend Debbie is getting ready to start a photography website & business.  She came and took some pictures of the kids, both for me and for her portfolio!  Check out these black and white shots!  All pictures are copyrighted, and used by permission.

Elaine 29 month portraits

Elaine 29 month portraits

Elaine 29 month portraits

For pictures of Nolan, click here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Employment

Today I am thankful for Ben’s job.  He has actually been working since the end of January.  I have been holding off from writing this post and making it public because I wanted to be sure things were going to work out.  We were blessed with a short unemployment period – just about a month.  There were several months at the end of 2011 that were sketchy, but God provided our needs.

Ben is working for another pastor in the area who is a full-time contractor in addition to pastoring a church.  Ben is working as a sub-contractor, so things are a little different.  There is no paid vacation or benefits, but we didn’t have those at the other job, so nothing has changed.  We are making slightly less than before, but God is continuing to provide what we lack.

While Ben has some general skills and knowledge, he is definitely learning a lot in this job.  Previously, Ben worked mostly with wood and furniture repairs.  Now he is learning to lay tile, install countertops and cabinets, doing a lot of painting, and other general repairs and remodeling.  He is really enjoying his work, and it is very nice to be back in a Christian work environment!

Thank you so much for those of you who have prayed for us and been generous to us during our time of unemployment.  Please continue to remember us in prayer!  We are starting to pray specifically about where the Lord would have us to plant a church, and who He would have us to co-labor with in the work.

2012 prayer card jpg for digital use

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Flowers

I’ve been wanting to fill some empty flower pots for a while.  Over the weekend, we picked out a couple of new plants, and added new soil to some that were dying {read I almost killed them because I didn’t water them over the winter}.  I definitely don’t have my mom’s green thumb!  We successfully potted the new plants anyway, and Elaine and Nolan enjoyed helping me.  Elaine did NOT like getting her hands in the dirt.  Nolan DID like eating the dirt.  There you have it.  A true girl, and a true boy!  Click the pictures below to enlarge!

2012-3-17 Potting Flowers

2012-3-17 Family

Friday, March 16, 2012

Prospect Park Zoo

On Wednesday we availed ourselves of the warm weather and made a visit to the Prospect Park Zoo with our friends.  The kids and I took the train to the Klaus’ house, and then we all walked through the park to the zoo.  It was nearly 2 miles one way!  We had a great time in the sunshine, watching the sea lion show, exploring the barn (and the girls even got brave enough to feed the goats!), and pretending to be prairie dogs. 

{click the scrapbook pages below to enlarge}

2012-3-14 Day at Prospect Park Zoo p.1 jpg

2012-3-14 Day at Prospect Park Zoo jpg

2012-3-14 Day at Prospect Park Zoo p.3 jpg

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

img_3344Today I am thankful for uninterrupted sleep.  Within the last 2-3 weeks, Nolan has been making a consistent habit of sleeping through the night.  And not just through the night, but well into the morning!  My kids have been awaking around 9 a.m., which has been wonderful for this mommy!  Since Ben is working later at night, our dinner time and bed times have all been pushed back as well.  I guess the schedule is finally catching up with my littles, and they want to sleep later in the morning as well. 

Elaine started sleeping through the night at 2 months of age, so I was a little dismayed when Nolan would only do it occasionally.  He would have a couple nights of sleeping through, but most of the time he wanted to eat around 2 a.m.  It wasn’t a big deal, but I definitely enjoy sleeping straight through much better! 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Shower Candles

Baby Shower Candle Holders

We used these pretty little jars on the guest tables at our baby shower over the weekend.  They were really easy to make, but I thought they added a lot!  For a couple of weeks, I saved baby food jars from Nolan.  I removed the labels, but there is always some of the gummy junk left where the label was glued.  I wanted to cover it, but I wanted the light from the candle to show through.

Baby Shower Candle Holders

I made a strip of paper lace using cardstock and my Martha Stewart edging punch.  I tried using typing paper, but it was too thick for my punch.  I thought it would take forever to punch both sides of the strips for all of those jars (I made 21), but it really went fast!  I adhered the paper lace with double sided scrapbooking adhesive.  But…the cardstock was heavy enough that the ends kept coming undone.  So I added a dab of hot glue to secure the end.  Next time I think I will try sticky strip.

Baby Shower Candle HoldersI made the seam of the lace fall where the stickiness from the baby food label wouldn’t come off the jar.  Then I added a onesie cut-out from my Cricut (New Arrival cartridge), and tied a bow/ribbon on the top.  The 4 ounce baby food jars hold a tea light candle perfectly! 

I realized after the candles were lit that the flame made the jars hot, and I had used hot glue to adhere things to the jar.  But nothing fell apart, so I guess it wasn’t hot enough to re-liquefy the glue!

I also made a few with a little clip attached to the rim of the jar.  We placed cards in the clips to label the dessert foods.

Baby Shower Candle Holders   Baby Shower Candle Holders

Mary Cedeno's Baby Shower  Mary Cedeno's Baby Shower