Thursday Tip: DIY Clean Shower!

Years ago I used to follow a blog that hosted a "Works-for-me-Wednesday" blog party.  I learned a lot of homemaking tips!  This one has stuck for years...
If you want to keep your shower and tub soap-scum free, just fill a dishwand scrubbie with half vinegar and half blue dawn dish soap.  When you are in the shower, use the wand to give your tiles a quick scrub.  It makes it very easy to get the grout clean too!  Because you don't have to drag out a bunch of cleaning supplies and get on your hands and knees, I find it is easier to be consistent in keeping things shiny!  I would put the dish soap in first, then the vinegar.  Store it upright like pictured below so the soap doesn't drip out in between showers.  Give it a quick shake and scrub away!

What's your best homemaking hack!

Wordless Wednesday: Backyard fort


Scripture Thoughts for Uncertain Days

Psalm 42:11

Peter Tobias, 8 Months

I have learned a lot this month! I can crawl on my knees, pull up to standing, walk along furniture, eat more food with my new tooth, and sleep through the night. I love the piano and can’t wait to learn to play it myself. I melt mommy’s heart all the time with my hugs and smiles. What can you do???

Peter's best friend...Simon

Mama loves cuddles

I can do my sippy cup!

Bullet Journaling

This year I moved away from the Homemaker's Friend planner to try something new.  I really like the layout of the Homemaker's Friend, and I LOVE the Scriptures on each weekly spread and tabbed divider.  But, I felt like the cover stock was a little too thin and I just wore it out far before the year was done.  I also did not use several of the sections at the back on a regular basis.  I tried having the coil removed and punching the pages to put in a binder, but I lost too much of the edge in doing so.
A friend had been posting about Bullet Journaling on her blog, so I decided to give it a try!  I really like it!  I purchased a Moleskin hardbound journal with grid lines inside, and each week I hand draw my planner spread.  I now follow several "bujo" (bullet journal) idea pages on Instagram, and I have incorporated several of their items into my own bujo planner.  However, for me the bullet journal is not an art book or a mood tracker.  I just want the weekly calendar…

2020 Favorites

I have a few new favorite things to share with you!

:: Mama's Refill Bible Study Membership I know I have shared Busy Mama Bible Studies/Mama's Refill with you before.  It remains my top recommendation for Bible Study and quiet time!  I have started using some of the principles and lessons to do Bible class with my older kids during school.  Looking for repeated words, marking certain words, taking the big picture apart into pieces and putting it together again - these all help with the learning, memorization, and application of Scripture!  Right now, you can get Mama's Refill membership at 20% off with the code SPRING2020.  This is the best purchase you can make this year!  
::Lilla Rose Swerve I have long been a fan of Lilla Rose flex-clips.  They are comfortable and secure, and don't rip your hair out, unlike elastics and claw clips.  Recently I tried one of their new products called a Swerve.  It's a contoured pin that securely holds buns and other up-dos. …


Continuing in the thoughts of my last post, when Jehoshaphat was faced with a difficult situation of almost certain anihilation, he turned his eyes to God and trusted the Lord to fight for him.  After the Lord sent a message through His prophet with instructions for Judah in the battle, their immediate response was to bow, worship, and sing praise to God.  God hadn't yet done anything, but Judah praised Him for what they knew He was going to do -- fight for them.

These thoughts have been brewing for a little while, since the outbreak of COVID-19 that has turned our whole world upside down.  At first, our church wasn't able to meet at the public school we were renting because the schools were closed down.  So, we had church in our dining room for two weeks.  It was all very last minute, and unplanned.  My mind was swirling and things seemed uncertain.  I turned on my iTunes and started a playlist on random.  Each song, though having little to do with disease or sickness, minis…