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Before and After: Our Fixer Upper Story, part 1

I’ve been wanting to put this together for a while…here are some before and after pictures of our 89 year old NYC townhouse.  We purchased it on June 12, completed the majority of renovations to move in by July 15, and then finished up the projects.  We still have to do trim in the upstairs and replace the steps, and then we will refinish the basement little by little as the budget allows.  Next spring we will do more work to fix up the back yard with grass, etc. also.Some things we knew needed fixed; others were unknown because of how much junk the previous owner had in the house.  We couldn’t see some of the problems until we started working on the house.UPSTAIRSAll of the ceilings had water damage from previous roof leaks.  Once we started working we discovered an active leak, so we did a roof repair also.  We had a mudder come and skimcoat the plaster walls to make them smooth, and repair all the ceilings.  This was one of the few things we paid to have done rather than doing ours…