Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nursery Rhymes–Be Prepared to Smile!

Last week Elaine won the most Bible verses in her age group at VBS.  Though I knew kids could learn fast and easy, it reminded me just how much of a sponge my children are.  Ben was having fun pouring some silly things into our sponges this week – like nursery rhymes.  They didn’t know any – I guess I’m a bad mom!

So get ready to chuckle and press repeat, because I think you will enjoy these renditions…

Elaine – “There Was an Old Woman”; “Jack and Jill”; and “Humpty Dumpty”

Nolan did “There Was an Old Woman” – after hearing Elaine say it only one time!  He added hand motions – all on his own – and just made me melt with his cuteness!

Wordless Wednesday

::Elaine’s First Pie – Blueberry!

Elaine's First Pie   Elaine's First Pie

Elaine's First Pie

:: Mustache Men

Mustache Men

:: Nehemiah’s Watermelon – picked clean!

Nehemiah's Watermelon

:: Nolan at the Eye Doctor – great vision!

Nolan at the Eye Doctor

:: Nolan LOVES playing on his top bunk!

Nolan Playing on Bunk Bed

:: This is how twins do book time…

This is how Twins do Book Time

This is how Twins do Book Time

This is how Twins do Book Time

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Adventure Club

We had a great week of Summer Adventure Club last week.  Our western theme was “Ridin’ Strong: Cross Canyon Trail”.  The kids learned lessons about the Christian’s walk with God – like Ridin’ Faithful, Ridin’ Courageous, Ridin’ Bold, etc. We had 50 different visitors throughout the week, and we averaged 51 kids per night.  The week got a slow start, but ended with a bang!

Part of our evening presentation was a skit each night set in the Wild West town of Grand Junction.  Our teens, church staff, and summer intern did a fabulous job (with many late night practices) to put on this production each evening.  The conflict built all week until the resolution on Friday night.  The suspense helped the kids want to return each evening for SAC.  We never knew if Bad Bart (Ben) and his gang would succeed in stealing away the Friday Fair.  In the end, the Lone Stranger and Marshal Mellow prevailed – and Miss Polly even got asked to the Round-Up!

Take a peek into our week…

Summer Adventure Club 2014
The Good Guys

Miss Polly FINALLY getting invited to the Round-Up!

SAC 2014 Grand Junction
We got the wood and paint to make our set for free on Craigslist, or on clearance at Home Depot.

SAC 2014 Grand Junction
The Bad Guys

Weighing the Pennies on the final night.  We ended up running out of pennies and had to sell bricks!  We were surprised on Sunday when the penny offering was given to us for our church-planting ministry in the Bronx.  Surprised, and humbled.  This year was our largest penny offering ever – the kids brought in about $1000!

Adam’s favorite song is Good News.  We sang it several times during the week, but one time Ben asked Adam to come up and help him!

img_6531Penny Parade!

Nehemiah and Liberty robbing the bank.  Double trouble – partners in crime!

Summer Adventure Club 2014
She’s turning into a girly-girl – loves to dress up!

Summer Adventure Club 2014
Nolan wanted a mustache just like Daddy (for the skit).

S’mores without the campfire – and they were delicious!

There’s a Snake in My Boot! (Elaine)

Summer Adventure Club 2014
Miss Jeanne teaching about Mordecai and Esther.  Role playing helped this age group out a lot!

Summer Adventure Club 2014
Gabriel playing Snake in My Boot at the Friday Fair – yup!  The good guys won!

Summer Adventure Club 2014
Lasso that Mustang!  This cowboy got into it!

Summer Adventure Club 2014
Sno Cones and S’mores Pops

Summer Adventure Club 2014
Horseshoes – a safe version.  Horseshoe shaped beanbags.  Thank you Pinterest!

Summer Adventure Club 2014
There was a line at the Shoot Out game all night!  

img_6578    img_6580

I was so proud of my Elaine for memorizing the most verses in her age group throughout the week.  I left it totally up to her, but each day she brought me her paper and wanted to learn more “watergun verses”.  Brings back memories of my years on the Bible Quiz Team.

We didn’t have any salvation decisions during the week, but we made many good contacts.  We had a couple of new families come on the church van as a result of receiving a flyer.  We had more kids attend from our ministry at the local family center (this ministry came as a result of last year’s Summer Adventure Club).  Several kids came to ask questions regarding assurance of salvation and finding God’s will for their lives – these children had been saved through previous years of SAC or other ministries.  We have a follow-up visitation on Thursday night and would appreciate your prayers as we continue to reach into the lives of these children and families with the Gospel of Christ.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I have so many things to be thankful for.  Over the last couple of weeks I have intended to write a Thankful Thursday post, but I never got around to it.  So here is a conglomeration!

--Our van broke down on June 30th.  Where I stopped was just inside the free 3 mile tow that we get from AAA to our mechanic.  I was thankful I didn’t get any closer to home, making my tow more expensive.

--This week we are having our Summer Adventure Club (VBS) at Bethel.  There has been a lot of work put in by a lot of people.  I’m thankful for teens who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and look silly in a skit, and for their parents who bring them back and forth for practice.

SAC 2014 Grand Junction

--We got free wood to build our set by picking up some plywood pallets off Craigslist.  We got the paint in the clearance section at Home Depot.  And there are artistic people at church who can draw and paint to make it actually look like a Western town – something I would never be able to accomplish.

SAC 2014 Grand Junction

--I am thankful for the wisdom and counsel of some godly older ladies as I struggle through the toddler years and the different issues that comes with them.

--I am thankful for a husband who works hard to provide for our family, then comes home to work hard on ministry things, then stays out late to prepare the set for VBS, then comes to pick me up when the van breaks down, he listens on the phone when I am having a hard day and I can’t stop crying, and he even manages to babysit the kids so I can go out for coffee with a friend.  He is pretty amazing.

SAC 2014 Grand Junction

--Thankful for online resources to allow me to “go to church” even when I am home with sick kids.  I am thankful for Revive Our Hearts – every series recently has been just exactly what I needed to hear.

--I am blessed with amazing friends, and a great accountability partner.  We can text back and forth during the day to encourage and pray for each other.  So many times she has made a way to be a blessing to me, even when she was so busy herself. 

--This week was going to be crazy, but God gave me a helper.  One of our teens is staying with me for three days to help with the kids during the day and make it possible to be on time for SAC every night.  She has done everything I asked, and lots that I didn’t ask her to do.

--Provision of homeschool curriculum from someone who doesn’t need it anymore.

--We were told this week that we had our first supporting church.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Fourth of July at the Hydens
Little Curious Twins…finding the ice cubes!

Nolan's 3rd Birthday
Nehemiah wishing he could go outside to play…

SAC 2014 Grand Junction
Summer Adventure Club.  I guess I wasn’t watching Nolan very well – he was supposed to be sitting down and looking the other direction, like all of the other kids!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Elaine ~ 4.5 years

Elaine 4.5 Years

Elaine 4.5 Years

Elaine 4.5 Years

Elaine 4.5 Years

Elaine 4.5 Years

Elaine 4.5 Years

And a couple of shots of the “bigs” together… Nolan was about d.o.n.e. with pictures!



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nolan's Three Year Pictures

Today we went out and snapped a few pictures for Nolan's three year pictures.  He is NOT into standing still, smiling, or looking at the camera.  So this is what we came up with...

How old are you Nolan?