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Twins: 16 weeks

Well…almost.  It will be 16 weeks on Monday.  Here’s the latest pictures and updates from my sonogram and appointment today.  The twins like to cuddle, so we couldn’t tell the gender yet {it’s a little early yet anyway}.  I have to have my anatomy scan at the hospital for a more detailed scan since twins are considered a high risk pregnancy.  Hopefully we will have that the first week of January {since we will be in Denver for Christmas}, and then we can tell you what we’re having!
{click to enlarge}I labeled the sono picture so you could tell what was going on…since they were snuggling so close!  And below are closer pictures of the sonogram.  We got one nice picture of the twin whom the sonographer labeled “b.”

Wordless Wednesday: Oops! I Forgot!

playing marble works

A Little Splash of Christmas

I was excited to decorate for Christmas early this year.  I have several reasons…like we are traveling for the holidays, so I want to enjoy my own decorations.  We are trying to find a better apartment in preparation for the twins, so we may be moving by the 15th.  If I decorate now I can still feel like I had Christmas.  And we opted against a tree this year, so we had everything on hand that we needed!On Saturday night I got down my little box of Christmas ornaments, and my artificial garland, and we set to work.  Well…Ben set to work.  I let him do it this year. {smile}Nolan was very excited about the lights.  He loves to plug and unplug anything electric.  This keeps Mommy on her toes!  He was constantly watching Ben as he tested the lights, hung the garland, and adjusted things.  Then he wanted in on the action too!Elaine was busy with the snowmen.  I have a lot of snowmen decorations that we get to leave out after Christmas is over.  She was only too happy to help with the ornam…

Wordless Wednesday: This is how we eat ice cream at our house…

{don’t worry…he has a diaper on still!}
{what’s with the feet on the table?}

Elaine’s 3 Year Portraits

On a whim, this morning we threw some stuff in the stroller and walked the 10 blocks to Owl’s Head Park to take some pictures of Elaine.  It was cold, but the kids were happy and I knew it would be a while if I didn’t do it today.  And I managed to capture a few good shots…at least they capture Elaine how she is.  We tried to get Nolan – he is almost 17 months.  He wasn’t quite as happy around the camera, and he certainly didn’t want to pose with his sister.
{drinking in the sun}
{I think this one is my favorite.  Can you tell she is cold?}
{a couple of black & whites…just because}
{finally out of the stroller, Nolan was interested in nature, not pictures}

Wordless Wednesday: New Backpacks and the One Where I Turn 30…

{can I just say that Nolan was the cutest thing ever walking to the laundry mat in his own backpack…}
{more on my birthday later…but yes, I am 30 now.  Bring on the grey hair.}

An Update on Our Church’s Recovery from Hurricane Sandy

I intended to write this post for my Thankful Thursday post last week.  But…life happened and I never got to sit down to share an update.  Much has transpired since my last update on our church and how we are recovering from Superstorm Sandy.  I wanted to be sure and keep my out-of-town friends “in the loop” especially since I know that many of you are praying for our church and church family.  We need your continued prayers, and hopefully this update can help those prayers to be more specific.Last weekend we had a team of seven young men from Maranatha Baptist Bible College come to help demolish the damaged areas of the church {floor, bottom 4 feet of sheet rock, etc.}.  They brought a generator with them which allowed us to have a short service together on Sunday. 
The Maranatha Crew with our Pastor.  They worked long and hard and were a great blessing!Pastor preached and one of our Russian men translated.  We had been given money to distribute necessary items to our neighbors in th…