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Now Brewing

A couple of weeks ago I took Elaine on a special errand with me.  We waited for our appointment for about two hours, and the whole time she had no idea what she was there for.  Finally we were called back and the technician began an ultrasound to determine if I was having one baby, or twins agains.  As soon as the image appeared on the screen I asked Elaine if she knew what that was.  "A baby?"  She had seen enough ultrasound pictures to know!  She couldn't stop talking and screaming about it all the way home!  
I allowed Elaine to break the news to her siblings.  This is how it went...

They were totally unimpressed and unexcited.  It grew on them, though, and everyone is voting for a girl!  We have decided to wait until September 30th (or whenever baby makes its appearance) to discover the gender!  (Elaine and Nolan were surprises!)
Henry has gone through mixed emotions.  One morning he shot my tummy with a nerf arrow to "get my baby."  The next afternoon he …

Visualized Hymn: O Say But I'm Glad (English and Spanish)

In Spanish class (which is far less consistent than it should be) my kids learned the hymn O Say But I'm Glad in Spanish.  So I took the opportunity to make that our hymn of the month in February.  In January and March we learned some songs I had purchased visualized.
Even Henry did a good job with the catchy tune and easy phrases of this hymn, so we ended up singing it in church.  Most of our congregation is bilingual, and they enjoyed the kids' effort to sing in Spanish!
With the exception of a couple visuals, this song is designed for you (or your kids) to color in before laminating and using.  Here's a peek at a couple of the visuals:

Download the song in PDF form from Dropbox here.

Some Fabulous Reads

Recently I have come across a couple of really good articles, and I wanted to share them with you here. 
:: How Should Christians Comment Online? I do not regularly read Desiring God, but this link was shared in my Bible Study group as we studied James 3 and the destructive power of the tongue.  I found this article to be very succint and well stated, especially regarding some "pet peeves" I often encounter when surfing social media.  
The author of the article gives some guidelines for how often and how quickly we should respond to someone else online, as well as some guidelines for the content of our comments.  It bothers me greatly when professing Christians "like", comment on, and share items which have crass, vulgar language or cursing on it.  If you have to qualify your share with "please excuse the language" then you probably shouldn't be sharing it!  I also try to be careful to look at the name of the page or group from which the post or pict…