Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Henry’s First Haircut

Henry got his first haircut at Grandpa’s barber!  I expected to have to hold him, but he sat up there in the chair just about perfectly still!  Such a cutie pie!

Henry's First Haircut  Henry's First Haircut

Henry's First Haircut

Hiking Devil’s Head

On one Saturday, my parents took the kids and I to hike Devil’s Head to the Fire Lookout station.  It is the only one of seven original fire lookouts still in use in Colorado.  We hiked this as kids, so it was fun to take my kids back.  They got very distratected  by the sticks and stones, but we did make it to the top!

Devil's Head Colorado Hike  Devil's Head Colorado

Devil's Head Colorado
I love the mountains!

Devil's Head Colorado
My parents and the granddog, Sadie

Devil's Head Colorado

Devil's Head Colorado
At the top of the fire lookout station.

Devil's Head Colorado

Devil's Head Colorado

Devil's Head Colorado

Devil's Head Colorado Hike
Can you see the city of Denver?

After hiking to the top and back, we drove down to the South Platte River so that we could have a picnic and swim.  It was a little busier than expected,  but the kids enjoyed the water.  When we were finished I sent Elaine to get in the van first.  She started screaming, so I investigated.  I found a baby garter snake slithering away.  Nolan chased it across the road, and Grandpa (the snake guy) helped to secure it.  Once Nolan touched it and didn’t fall over dead, all the kids wanted a turn holding the baby snake.  We had to take turns and go around a couple of times.  When Grandpa went to release the snake Liberty was sobbing, “I’m just gonna miss that snake!”

Swimming in the South Platte

South Platte Snake

South Platte Snake

Our Summer at Grandma’s House

After Yellowstone and a meeting in Wyoming, Ben took the kids and I back to my parent’s house in Denver.  We stayed there for a month while Ben went and had some meetings in California alone.  We had two reasons for splitting up:  first, we couldn’t find housing for all of us in CA, and it would be very costly to live in a hotel for a month; and second, because Ben needed some time alone to write his doctrinal papers for ordination.  The time in one place gave us some stability, and the kids were even able to take swimming lessons!

Idaho Potato Fields
Idaho potato fields

Pinedale, WY
Pinedale, WY.

Playing Soccer with Wesley
Playing soccer with Uncle Wesley.  Soccer is his game – he was thrilled.

Pool Noodle Horses   Pool Noodle Horses
Grandma made the Grands these adorable pool noodle stick horses!

Cow Appreciation Day
Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A!

Cow Appreciation Day  Cow Appreciation Day

Elaine's School
Elaine set up a school and thoroughly enjoyed teaching Aunt Jo!  She enjoyed her authority a little too much, perhaps – complete with rules!

Fire Breathing Dragons
Fire breathing dragons!  (Toilet paper rolls and tissue paper)

Giving Sadie a bath at the Dog Wash
We took Sadie to the quarter wash for a bath.  Brilliant idea – there are two dog wash booths right there at the quarter car wash!

Henry in the bathroom cupboard
Whenever Henry turned up “missing” we could usually find him crawling through the bathroom cupboards!

Highline Canal Walk
An evening walk at the Highline Canal.  The kids loved feeding crab apples to the horse!

Highline Canal Walk
Grandma got her exercise!

Cowardly Clyde quickly became Nolan’s favorite book!  He conned all of us into reading it – sometimes multiple times per day!  This was Grandpa’s turn!

Liberty Motorcycle Ride
Motorcycle rides with Grandpa – one of the big highlights for all the kids!

Elaine Motorcycle Ride

Nehemiah Motorcycle Ride   Nolan Motorcycle Ride

National Watermelon Day
National Watermelon Day – celebrated appropriately!!!

National Watermelon Day   National Watermelon Day
I let Henry go at his own wedge without cutting it up.  He finally got the hang of picking it up!

Nolan's Staples   Nolan's Staples
Two days after Nolan’s Yellowstone stitches came out, he slipped at the water park and busted the wound open again.  So off to the ER we went again, and this time we got staples!  It was a rough life – he got popsicles, the TV remote, and toys!

Painting   Sprinkler Day
Painting outdoors, and Henry watching the sprinkler time, surrounded by all the boy toys one could hope for!  Thanks Uncle Kenny & Uncle Wesley for leaving your toys at home!

Sprinkler Fun

Sprinkler Fun   Sprinkler Fun
e buckets came out for the water guns, but soon ended up being the main attraction!

Sprinkler Fun
Revenge on the older sister!

Swimming Lessonss
Swimming lessons!  The three youngers were in the same class.

Swimming Lessonss
Elaine was in the older class – the only girl among five boys.  I think she enjoyed it!

Last Day of Swimming Lessons
Last day of swimming lessons.  Everyone passed, except Nehemiah.  He wouldn’t really get into the water.  So, it’s kinda hard to progress!

Last Day of Swimming Lessons
New goggles all around!  Love Libs’ piggies, too!

Washing the Truck with Wesley and Grandpa   Washing the Truck with Wesley and Grandpa
Washing the trucks with Uncle Wesley and Grandpa soon turned to a soap and water fight!

With Grams in Colorado
My Grams was in town so we got to spend a few days with her!

Kids with Grandma Grandpa and Sadie
Last day at Grandma & Grandpa’s.  Thanks for putting up with us for a month.  Enjoy the quiet!  Sadie, we pray for you often (more than for Grandma & Grandpa Smile).  We will miss you!  Elaine wept (literally) when we had to leave, and we get requests often to return to Grandma’s house.