Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sewing Projects

Sewing Projects

I have had a couple of sewing projects on my list for a while, and today I finally decided to scratch them off.  First, I wanted to make a skirt for the crib.  Because of the way Ben constructed it, I wasn’t able to use my store-bought skirt.  I really liked the way the crib looked without the skirt.  However, with our lack of closet space in Brooklyn we are storing the baby clothes underneath the crib, and I wanted to cover them up.  I used an old twin sheet from Ben’s college days.  I just ran a gathering stitch and then used velcro to fasten it to the bottom side of the board that supports the mattress.  I was pleased with the results! 

Elaine 8 months in crib 
Elaine was helping me to model the finished projects.  I know I’m her mommy and all, but I can’t help myself – isn’t she just the cutest?

Elaine 8 months in crib
She is really happy here because while we were taking pictures the kitty from downstairs came up for a visit.  Elaine loves Rocky, but Rocky doesn’t really like Elaine! 

Elaine 8 months in crib 
So, Rocky has really been annoying me all day today by hanging around in my house, sleeping on my bed, and putting his claws on my couch.  I have “thrown” him back downstairs so many times!  But when I put him in the crib with Elaine he couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

Sewing ProjectsI also had some fabric remnants that I had purchased to make a throw pillow for the couch.  The fabric was red, white, and blue in keeping with our Americana theme in the living room.  I found a pillow form at the discount store on 5th Avenue, so today I put it all together. 

Elaine 8 months on couch

That’s my girl.  And her bunny.  Her constant friend. She was so happy today.  So into everything!  I feel like my title has been changed from “Mommy” to “mess-picker-upper”.  She took all the cloth diapers off the changing table, opened my nightstand drawer and threw everything out, played with the forks, leaving a trail across the kitchen floor.  She spread piano books all over the living room, along with her Cheerios.  I turned my back for a second and she crawled across to her bedroom, through my bedroom, out the hallway, and into the bathroom.  There she opened the cupboard and got out the Lysol wipes.  Guess it’s time to install those baby locks! 

But alas, I digress.  This post was supposed to be about sewing projects!  So I guess that’s all.  I love being a wifey and a stay-at-home mom!

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  1. The pillows look great and "hurrah!" for getting through some sewing projects. I seem to always have one.
    Yes, Elaine is the cutest, and that is not just because I am Grandma. I mean, look at that smile!
    About her activity - I can only smile! Ah, yes! Those were the days that began for me some twenty- five years ago! :)


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