Thursday, July 22, 2010

…at least the floor is clean

Elaine totally doesn’t understand the concept of dishes.  She is pretty smart, but not quite that smart.  I put the Cheerios in a bowl, and she dumps them out so that she can play with the bowl.  So I put the Cheerios on a plate (now that she is playing with the bowl) but she still turns the plate upside down.  Oh well…at least the floor is pretty clean.  Because she is crawling all over, I do try to keep the floors really clean.  And Elaine usually ends up eating her breakfast off the floor!

Elaine 8 months dumped cheeriosI love it when Mommy takes my picture! 

Elaine 8 months dumped cheerios
What happened to all of my Cheerios?

Elaine 8 months dumped cheerios Oh, here they are!

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