Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Few Random Issues

Here is a conglomeration of randomness that has happened in our lives recently.  On Tuesday night we went to Central Park for a free concert put on by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, with the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra as guests.  We heard Tchaikovsky, Ravel, “Bolero”, “West Side Story”, and “Rhapsody in Blue” to name a few!  The park was very crowded (I am still getting used to the masses of people everywhere I go) despite the ominous clouds that threatened rain.  There was a very long intermission while the orchestra’s switched, but we stayed for the whole concert.  WeNY Philharmonic concert in Central Park ended up on the dirt part of the baseball diamond.  Good thing we brought our blanket!  Elaine was very good.  Towards the end she was wanting to sleep, but fighting it hard.  I stood to rock her, and then I leaned on the stroller because my back was hurting.  Before I knew what was happening, I had sunk down into the stroller.  We looked very funny apparently, because Ben (who doesn’t take pictures) searched for the camera to capture the moment!  The rain began just as the final note sounded, so we made a mad dash to the subway (as much of a “dash” as is possible in a crowd of thousands!).

I was supposed to give a Mary Kay facial on Wednesday, but the person didn’t show up.  I had everything set up in the living room to demonstrate the products.  I was on the computer when I heard noises, and upon investigation I discovered Elaine having her own Mary Kay party!  Elaine 8 months Mary Kay baby

Now Elaine has decided that she doesn’t want Mommy or Daddy to put any food in her mouth.  And she has decided that she doesn’t like anything but Cheerios.  But last night we had a…sort of…a breakthrough…for now.  Elaine likes yogurt, and she managed to get a little bit into her mouth…with her own spoon…all by herself!  And, she even let Mommy help a little bit too.  Then she proceeded to “finger paint” in the yogurt that remained on her tray, and she also “painted” the back of her head.  Hmmmm…maybe we need to go back to a daily bath!

Elaine 8 months messy yogurt eat Elaine 8 months messy yogurt eat One thing is for sure – there is never a dull day around here: first because Elaine lives with us, and second because we live in New York City!

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