Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Improvements

We have shutter-style doors between our master bedroom and Elaine’s bedroom/the living room.  They haven’t quite hung properly or closed completely or locked since we moved in.  Ben said that it would involve a lot of work to fix, so we just lived with it. 

However, last night Ben was motivated to work on a home improvement project.  He really wanted the doors to be able to lock for visitors and convenience.  So…the doors came off the hinges and the tool bag came out of the closet.

The first door was fixed relatively easy, but in order to get the doors to close Ben had to get out the saw and shave some edge off of the second door.  It was more involved than planned, but he did a good job!


Elaine was ever so curious about the whole thing, and it was my difficult job to keep her on the other end of the house and away from sharp and dangerous tools.

Elaine 8 months helping Ben with home improvementAs you can see, I was not quite successful!  I was very pre-occupied working on my Diaper Blog.pict0083At one point I put the doll cradle in front of the doorway to act as a barrier.  Elaine crawled-fell-tumbled right over the top!

Somehow Ben managed to finish the project anyway. Good work!

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