Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Owl’s Head Park

Elaine 8 months Owls Head Park & Pier Last night we decided to explore another area of our neighborhood – the park.  Owl’s Head Park is about 10 blocks away, so we did decide to drive since it was later in the evening.  We discovered a lovely hilly area, covered in trees and benches and perfect for a picnic!  (The grass is a little brown & patchy from the heat we’ve been having).  The park was complete with basketball courts and playground.  Elaine enjoyed the swings again…until Daddy pushed her too high!  We tried the slide, but it was wet, and Elaine was super-distracted by all of the other kids running around.

Elaine 8 months Owls Head Park & Pier

Not so thrilled with the slide 

The nice thing about this park is the water park.  They have a little track that has different obstacles on it, all spewing water to cool the little kiddies in the summer.  There was a bridge, a curly-swirly thing with water coming from all directions, horses spitting water, and an arch that sent out a lovely shower.  Ben took Elaine through the arch but she wasn’t very pleased! 

Elaine 8 months Owls Head Park & Pier 

Then on our walk back to the car we stepped out onto the pier.  There were a lot of fishermen, but they were only catching trash from what we could see!  It was a hazy overcast night, but Lady Liberty was clearly seen at the edge of Manhattan.

Elaine 8 months Owls Head Park & PierElaine & Ben on the pier – Manhattan in the background 
Can you see the dark mark under Elaine’s left eye?  She fell at church on Sunday and had a small black eye!

Elaine 8 months Owls Head Park & PierStatue of Liberty on left and Manhattan & East River on right

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