Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Spectacular

Elaine 7 months First Subway Ride in NYC 4th of July Ben’s parents & sister joined us in Brooklyn for the holiday weekend.  We decided to make the trek to the west side of Manhattan to see the Macy’s fireworks display over the Hudson River.  This was Elaine’s first ride in the NYC subway!  This year the NYC show boasted to be the nation’s largest display with over 40,000 shells.  We left our house Elaine 7 months First Subway Ride in NYC 4th of Julyaround 5:30 pm in order to get a good spot for the 9:20 display.  We didn’t arrive back home until after midnight.  Those seven hours were very hot (the high temperature was 02) , humid, crowded, and included no restrooms! 

We arrived about two and a half hours early in order to get a good spot.  Our subway ride ended at Times Square station, and from there we walked, weaved, and pushed our way through the crowds eight blocks to the water’s edge.  The west side highway was shut down to accommodate the masses, and we ended up in a “pen” on 12th Ave. between 42nd & 43rd.  We decided not to try and get really close to the water since that would mean a longer wait to get NYC Fireworks 2010 out after the show.  We found a spot, pulled out our camping chairs, and sat to wait.  Elaine slept the time away in her stroller.  At one point we left Ben with the stroller and attempted to go find a restroom.  The police officer at the entrance to our “pen” had the power to decide who got to go in or out.  We opted to stay in, rather than to leave and not be granted re-admittance. 

We were very close to the USS Intrepid.  They had red, white, & blue  lights on the deck in the spirit of the holiday.  The fire boats going up & down the Hudson River sprayed red, white, & blue water.  Finally the show began. 

NYC Fireworks 2010

There were six barges shooting off the fireworks.  Each display was identical.  I saw some new fireworks this year – like flying saucers, cubes, 3-D triangles, and smiley faces.  The grand finale was…grand!  We had a great time!  (By the way, do you know how hard it is to capture a good picture of fireworks?)

pict0055  pict0056

pict0060  pict0062  

On the return trip the volume of people filled the street, and the parallel streets (there were about 10 access points).  We just walked and walked, filling both sidewalks and everything in between.  Occasionally we had to stop to let the cross traffic get by.  Then we walked some more.  We expected to have a hard time getting  on a train, especially since we had the stroller.  But we were able to get on fairly easily, though there were no seats left.  We stood for the hour long ride home, then walked four blocks to our house.  Elaine was very awake at this point!  We enjoyed a second round of Sissy’s birthday cake with ice cream while she played and crawled around.  Then we hit the sack. 

It was a fun time, but probably not something we will do every year!

NYC Fireworks 2010 NYC Fireworks 2010 
    Meredith                                        Mom/Sissy

NYC Fireworks 2010  pict0047
    Ben & Jim/Dad                            Elaine getting some water!

NYC Fireworks 2010 
Our Family – Andrea, Elaine, & Ben

The “other” family – Elaine with Grampa, Grandma, & Auntie Mere.

And just for fun, here’s a video shot!  First, the crowd gathering (2 hours early), and then Elaine & her first fireworks.  It’s not the same watching fireworks on video – please understand that the show was much better than this can portray!


  1. I think you did a good job capturing the fireworks. Better than what we had...rain! Loved your family picture with the USA shirts. and the picture with the Hamiltons all together turned out nice too!

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