Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Wow!  Is it really Thursday already?  I have hardly blogged at all this week…or so it seems!  I’m really trying to boost things on the business side, and in all of my diaper blogging I guess Random Issues has been neglected.

Kenny & BeckyIt didn’t even cross my mind to write a Thankful Thursday post today.  But that was before I had a specific answer to prayer.  Today I’m particularly thankful for Kenny (my brother) and his fiancée Becky.  They sent us a Christmas gift and it arrived today.

Let me back up a little bit.  I was headed out on a shopping trip to prepare for the men’s Prayer Breakfast on Saturday morning.  Right next to BJ’s wholesale is a Target…a Super Target!  I have been compiling my Target shopping list for nearly a month.  The items on my list were not needed immediately, but they will be soon! 

Ben’s extra hours at work have come to an end, and so has the extra money in the paycheck.  So today I was sort of between a rock and a hard place – wanting very much to make the most of my shopping trip, but knowing that I didn’t really have the money for items on my list.  (Even after I pared it down to the minimum).  I prayed that God would provide for our needs, and help me make wise choices on this shopping trip.

On the way to the car I checked the mailbox.  The first thing with our names on it was a card from Kenny and Becky.  In it both of them apologized that the gift was late, and said “better late than never”.  Their gift to us was a Visa gift card.  I asked Ben if I could use it for the Target list, and he agreed that it was a good idea. 

You want to know what it really amazing?  The gift card was just the right amount.  In fact, I have just 91 cents left over.  Does that sound like an amazing God or what?  Kenny & Becky, you thought your gift was late, but it was right on time.  God’s time.  Thanks so much!

**Update…as an added bonus…frosting on the cake…Ben came home with another answer to a specific prayer.  He got a raise!!!

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