Monday, January 10, 2011

Elaine “Helps” in the Kitchen

Last Friday I did a lot of cooking.  I was asked to cook for the Saturday Men’s Prayer Breakfast at our church – usually 20 guys or so attend each month.  I made some breakfast  casseroles and cinnamon rolls so that I could do a lot of the cooking on Friday, and then just bake them on Saturday morning.

Elaine is not always very thrilled to be in the kitchen for long periods of time, but she usually finds things to keep her busy.  On Friday it was the vegetable crisper that I removed from the fridge to make room for the food.

Elaine carried it, filled it, wore it, stood in it, and then sat in it.



Of course Bunny was along for the fun!  Elaine thoroughly enjoyed posing for these pictures – she smiled as soon as I got out the camera.  After I took the last picture she stood up, removed her pacifier, handed it to me, sat back down, and posed again for this picture:

She is too smart!

Having Elaine in the kitchen is not always a “help”.  She loves to help measure spices and ingredients, but I have to be careful because she will lick the measuring spoon. 

She likes to “help” set the table, but usually the forks are dropped in the ground three or four times on the way to the table.

She loves to “help” with the dishes, but it really means pouring water and soap bubbles everywhere. 

But Elaine’s favorite part about helping in the kitchen is when Mommy is making a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, and she get to enjoy the finished product!  She is not a patient helper when it comes to preparing breakfast or lunch!

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