Monday, January 24, 2011

Talking on the Phone

Tonight something “clicked” with Elaine and the phone.  She will hold it up to her ear (well, it really ends up under her chin) and have pretend conversations all the time.  But if someone on the other end talks to her she gets too shy.  Tonight I went into the other room and used my phone to call Elaine on Ben’s cell phone.  And tonight she talked back to me…a lot!  She just blabbered on and on and on.

“Well this is fun,”  we thought.  “But maybe it was a fluke.”  So we tried again.  We called Grandpa Godby.  Elaine loved it.  She talked to him…just like she had talked to me!  She had the phone upside down, but there was no question as to whether or not she could be heard.  She was using her “grandpa lungs.” (My dad is a very loud person, so we tease that Elaine gets her lungs from him).  When he laughed, she laughed back.  Then she did her happy dance.  I finally had to tell Dad that he could hang up when he needed to go, because Elaine was not going to relinquish the phone to let me talk!

Elaine talking on the phone“Mom!  It’s ringing!”

Elaine talking on the phone“Hi Grandpa!”

Elaine talking on the phone“I’m coming to visit you in March!”  (Notice the phone is upside down!)

Elaine talking on the phone“Are you kidding me?”

Elaine talking on the phoneHappy Dance!

Grandpa thought this was great, so he called Grandma.  Even though she was unlocked the church for BSF, she had a little talk with Elaine too.

I think part of Elaine’s energy and good mood came from the four hour nap that she had just taken.  But she had a lot of personality and it was really enjoyable to watch!  We even Skyped the Hamilton Grandparents, and she was almost as loud with them.  Now if she would only use words I could understand…

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