Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Blues

iciclesIt is 12 degrees outside.  If you factor in the wind chill it is only 2 degrees. At least the sun is shining.  On this freezing cold day I had to drag myself out of bed bright and early to get into a cold car headed for the OB office.  (My windshield washer fluid is frozen, and I can’t get the trip meter to reset.  That’s how cold it is.) 

And since the office doesn’t have a parking lot, I had to search all over for a parking space.  I found one two blocks away.  Then I had to drag Elaine and the stroller down icy and unshoveled sidewalks.  Why is it that people in Bay Ridge are good about clearing the snow, but in Boro Park no one seems to care?  Elaine finally learned the benefits of mittens.  She has despised them and refused to keep them on her hands…until today.  Today she put them on herself!

Today I had the genetic screening blood test – for spinal bifeda, down syndrome, etc.  Everything is fine, baby-wise.  The baby is moving…a LOT!  The midwife had a hard time pinpointing the heartbeat for more than a couple of seconds.  I haven’t felt the movement yet, but it should be coming along any day now.

pregnant-mom3THEverything is not so fine mommy-wise.  The last three weeks have been sorta miserable.  The first trimester was pretty painless and normal, but things just kicked into gear lately that are not-so-great.  It goes something like this…I am hungry.  I eat.  I feel sick.  So next time I’m hungry, I don’t eat.  I still feel sick. 

It’s not true morning sickness – I haven’t thrown up yet.  I didn’t with Elaine either – until I was in labor.  But I feel nauseated a lot, usually after supper.  Chasing Elaine all day makes me tired. Then when I finally fall into my blessed bed, my lower back hurts and I can’t sleep.  The midwife confirmed my suspicion that nothing is really wrong, it’s all just part of the pregnancy parcel, even if I am nearly 18 weeks along. 

I feel like I should be doing more, but I just don’t have enough energy.  Ben helps a lot with the dishes and the laundry.  I can’t get out and walk as much because of the cold and the snow.   This pregnancy is very different from the last one, so maybe it is a boy!

I’m not trying to complain or throw a pity party.  Just telling you how it’s going.  I go back on February 15 for the “big” ultrasound…the one where they check for anatomy and can determine the gender of the baby.  But just to keep everyone in suspense, we have chosen again to be surprised with baby’s gender.  Until then we will just call “him” “he”, so don’t read anything into it!  Smile

I did get out some maternity clothes, even though I am still wearing some of my college clothes.  The maternity clothes aren’t really necessary, but they are more comfy.  I’m dying to look pregnant, but it just isn’t showing yet!


  1. It's so cold here today that the public schools called off school because the school buses wouldn't start!

  2. I think its cute when expecting mommies wear maturnity shirts before they really need to. It does give more of an illusion that your showing! :)

  3. I had a really hard time with all this my second pregnancy. Something I wish I would've done different (now that I'm way past it) is not pressured myself to do so much. I think it would've helped me in that time a lot. And I learned later on having 2 kids and now with 3 that my expectations of accomplishing things have to adjust to the season of life I'm in! I'll be praying for you!


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