Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Random Thoughts…

I have several things that I have been thinking of sharing with you, but none of them seem worthy of a post by themselves.  So here is a big conglomeration and a sneak peak into my mind’s ramblings…

Regarding NYC…

:: We are getting more snow.  They are saying 8-10 inches. 

:: The trash and recycling only just got picked up last night – at 10 p.m. – from the storm three weeks ago.

:: Alternate side parking was put back into effect yesterday.  Rather than cleaning the streets of dust (since they really can’t do that right now) they plowed along the curbs where we have been parking.  At last our street is clear and parking will be back to normal.  Well, for a few hours at least.  This new snow storm may ruin everything!

Regarding Elaine…

:: When I tell Elaine to “Find Bunny,” or ask “Where is your paci?”  she goes hunting for the item and usually finds it.  It’s nice to be able to communicate with her a little more!

:: The best part of Elaine’s evening routine is giving Daddy goodnight kisses.  Last night I set her down and instructed her to go give Daddy kisses.  She walked into the other room and did just that.  She is starting to understand me more everyday!

:: She is a little piggy!  Elaine regularly eats 2 eggs for breakfast, or a whole bowl of oatmeal (which I would have trouble eating…but I don’t like oatmeal), and she finished off a whole grilled cheese sandwich for lunch yesterday.

:: Is it possible to start the terrible twos at 14 months?  If it wasn’t before, Elaine may be trying to set a new record.

Regarding Doable Diapers…

:: I have been asking God to bless our business.  Some orders have been promised and have not come through.  But last night we sold over $600 worth of diapers in one night.

:: I have had three substantial repeat customers place orders this week.

:: I place a Gospel tract in every order that I mail.  Sometimes I wonder what people think.  Last week I had my first feedback – a lady thanked me for including it and for being bold about my relationship with God.

:: My dad tries really hard to sell cloth diapers for me.  He walks up to complete strangers in a restaurant.  If they have a baby, or are pregnant he will ask if they have ever considered using cloth diapers.  Maybe one of these days I will get an order from Colorado!

Regarding the new baby…

:: I have been getting bad headaches at night, mostly just on one side of my head.  I never had headaches like that with Elaine!

:: I can’t wait to start buying newborn cloth diapers.  In fact I am having trouble holding myself back!  I already have quite the list of different brands that I want to try.

Regarding new resolutions…

:: I really want to be organized.  I think I am organized.  But I am always re-organizing.  This week I conquered the coat closet.  I finally found other places for the large items that were taking up room in the bottom of the closet and catching on the coats.  Now I can get my broom out in peace.

:: I have another bag ready for the thrift store.  I am really starting to despise clutter!

I can’t think of anything else, so that must be it.  Have a good night y’all!


  1. oh yeah its possible to hit terrible twos that early! Good luck!

  2. A great book on getting organized is David Allen's "Getting Things Done". It has helped me get my office organized and has a whole system for task completion. I understand that Dougie Neiner uses a lot of his system too. - Dad Hamilton


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