Friday, May 28, 2010


“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth…”
Romans 1:16 

“Unemployed.”  That has a sort of lovely ring to it.  Okay, maybe not.  How about “retired”? Today was Ben’s last day as an employee of Terminix.  While we are rejoicing to finally be done with pest control (at least for now), it also means that we are officially unemployed.  The company has not been a joy to work for, but Ben will miss the people.  I was invited to a surprise BBQ put on by the guys at the office today.

Everyone had chipped in for hamburgers, hotdogs, and the works.  Guys who are no longer with the company or working out of this office stopped by to say “goodbye” and “good luck” to Ben.  It meant a lot to him!  Of course, in typical guy style, no one had remembered to check the propane on the grill, so mid-way through cooking they had to go buy another bottle!   The former secretary, Tina, came over for the occasion also.  She was a big encouragement to us when we were new in the area.

Ben's last day at TerminixThe cake – Terminix style!  (Yes, they are plastic!)

Every Friday morning there is a meeting in the office.  Ben was asked if he wanted say a few words.  Like a typical preacher he did. Although he wanted to give a full fledged sermon he kept it short and simply gave God the glory for everything good in His life and explained why he was moving to Brooklyn. He wrote his new address upon the office white board and told people to give him a call any time they had a spiritual question or need.  He also wrote Romans 1:16 upon the board.

Ben's last day at Terminix
Trey (Ben’s office manager, former salesman, and a great guy); Jessie (office secretary); “Q”; Tina (former office secretary & Jessie’s sister); Chris Colley & daughter Courtney (they gave Elaine several newborn outfits); Ben; Greg (Ben trained him).

Ben's last day at TerminixThe same people, with Mike Richter added in the blue shirt.  He is a former employee who had moved to Hampton but drove down to say goodbye.  Several others couldn’t stay very long.

The card from the group said,
“We understand that you’re leaving to pursue new challenges, achieve Higher goals, and grow as a person.  But before you go, we wanted to say one thing…
Take us with you!”

It was the perfect card!  Several enclosed money, and we had a great afternoon.  Ben has only been employed with Terminix for almost three years, yet only one person has been a technician for longer.  Ben will be missed!


  1. That cake was great with the bugs on it!!:) Good for you Ben taking the opportunity to give God glory and write Rm 1:16 on the whiteboard.

  2. I love that cake!!Well, it does sort of bug me! We're proud of you Ben for walking the talk and having a wonderful testimony for the Lord! Eternity will tell just what effect your witness has been on some of those guys! See you in a couple of days.

  3. That's tremendous to leave with such a tremendous testimony! I'm sure his co-workers respect him, even if they don't always understand from a Christian's Perspective.
    I know God will provide for you as you move to NY and the Ministry God has for you there! I wouldn't say you're completely "unemployed;" you're still a Servant!

  4. Omar & Tracy - You are always so encouraging! Ben has had a good testimony at work and challenged some of his "Christian" coworkers. We are so excited to be entering a new phase of more ministry and less secular employment!

  5. Great cake!! A little creepy, though. :) It is so nice to see the boldness of a Christian be such a great testimony, especially in the workplace when out in the world. As I write, you are in New York, and I pray the Lord blesses you tremendously for your efforts for Christ. Matthew 6:31-34 is great for knowing that God will take care of you when you seek His Kingdom and His righteousness first. You may be unemployed according in the world's eye but always employed for Christ. Praying...............


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