Friday, May 28, 2010

No Spend Month – the Final Update

This is our last day of no-spend-month.  We started out with $250 in cash to spend on everything except bills, tithe, medical, and moving 3rd-no-spend-monthexpenses.  I think we accidentally added a little money to it because I had some cash from selling items on Craigslist.  But we didn’t withdraw any extra money, and it is refreshing to say that we lived a whole month on around $250!

Here are some things that I learned:

  • I planned my trips better so that I used as little gas as possible.  I had gotten lazy in this area.
  • You can go out to run errands without getting a snack in the drive thru or a coffee at Starbucks (this is my #1 downfall!)
  • I used my bread machine to make bread for Ben’s lunches this month.  He said it was more filling, and I love the smell of bread baking.  It saved us about $20.
  • I used coupons to get about $100 in free groceries.  They were not the items that I would have put on my list, but it forced me to be creative and use what I had on hand.  We   had sandwiches on leftover hot dog buns.  We had celery and peanut butter instead of milk and cookies.  We had homemade tea instead of Crystal Light.  I had milk in my coffee instead of creamer.  It was the little things! 
  • I learned that I can make less for supper and we will still be satisfied, filled, and healthy.  I also discovered that we don’t have to eat meat at every meal!
  • I liked using cash to buy groceries because it kept me from getting that “one extra item” each time that would put me over my budget.
  • We cleaned out our freezer and Empty freezercupboards (which needed done anyway for the move).
  • I took advantage of great sales and coupons at CVS to actually make money that I can put towards toiletry items.
  • I tried to got as cheap as possible on moving expenses, even though it wasn’t included in no-spend-month.  I got free boxes on Craigslist, and newspaper from church friends and neighbors.

It’s been a good month.  Thanks for following along!


  1. Wow, That's very impressive!
    Do you ever listen to Dave Ramsey's Radio Show? ( ) He often advises people and their finances to: "Live like no one else, so that later you can live like no one else!"
    Great Job!

  2. We have listened to Dave Ramsey - my dad is a big fan! I have sort of tweaked the envelope system for our purposes, though I have never read Ramsey's books. $250 sometimes sounds like a lot, but we used to spend that just on groceries, so to include a month of gas in it doesn't leave much wiggle room!


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