Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elaine the Acrobat

Here’s a new video of a trick that Ben likes to do with Elaine.  It’s the video that will make the grandmothers freak out!  (It’s okay, he hasn’t ever dropped her…yet)


  1. Ok, you said Ben took fencing lessons and has really good balance, right? Really, really good, right?

  2. The torch has been successfully passed!!

  3. Wow! I can't believe how grown your daughter is! Where does the time go?? Ben: Trev, Zach and I were just commenting on how we can't believe you are a dad! Elaine has great balance, must take after her grandma Sissy!! Big move coming up, we will be praying that the Lord uses you mightily in New York! Our men just came back from a missions trip to the Bronx.


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