Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Linkage

“Saturday Linkage” is not going to be a weekly feature on my blog, but occasionally as I find interesting articles in the blogosphere I want to pass them on to you.

:: Do babies know the difference between good and evil at just 6 months old?  I found this article to be an interesting read.

:: New Pampers diapers under Federal investigation for causing chemical burns.  For all my mommy friends in the blogosphere!

:: We have homemade pizza every Friday night from this recipe.  (from Money Saving Mom).  Ben said it’s the best!

:: I used this tutorial to create a custom blog header in blogger this week (maybe you already know how to do that, but I had to learn.  I used Gimp software)

:: Money Saving Mom’s coupon database (you can search by expiration date & coupon source)

:: Coupon Tom coupon database by Jill Cataldo (you can search by items generically or brand specific – this is my favorite coupon database)

:: Modern hymnwriters Keith & Kristyn Getty from Ireland*.  Download sheet music for church or choir use at a reasonable cost.

*Let me explain that I do not support the performance practices of Keith & Kristyn Getty, and I do not listen to their CDs.  However, the lyrics to their songs (the ones I have used – I have not read every single hymn) are very doctrinally sound and the music is designed to be easily “performed” – whether by a choir, individual, or church congregation.  My favorite is “Power of the Cross”. (You may recognize some of these songs from Pettit or Galkin Evangelistic Team recordings!)

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