Monday, May 24, 2010

Computer Geek

Elaine is…well…she’s a baby.  Into everything.  Curious about everything.  Eats everything (except her green beans).  It’s very hard to do much at the computer without little fingers trying to touch the buttons too.  Or move the cursor with the mouse.  You get the idea.  So the other day I had this {brilliant} idea.  Why not let Elaine “touch” Daddy’s laptop (while it is turned off) so I could work on mine without interruption.  Elaine {loved} the idea.  Turned out to NOT a {brilliant} idea (I should have known)!  Good thing Daddy wasn’t home!

Elaine 6 Months Computer Geek “Wow Mom.  You mean I can play with this one?”

Elaine 6 Months Computer Geek 
“Do you think Daddy will notice I’ve been on here?  It’s only a few fingerprints!”

Elaine 6 Months Computer GeekI absolutely {love} this picture!  Future blogger right there.  Curved fingers and all!  (Of course she was scraping at the keys, and actually succeeded in removing the spacebar key from the key pad…it clips back on, or I would be a dead wifey right now!)

Elaine 6 Months Computer Geek
“Hello?  Grandma?  Anyone on Skype?  I’m here.  Look at me!”

Elaine 6 Months Computer Geek “Maybe if I just push this button right here.  Or all of these buttons together.  Hmmmm.”

Hint to Grandparents: Elaine wants a computer for her 1st birthday!


  1. OK...these are too cute. Love the "hello, Grandma? Anyone on skype? caption and pic! Just one week from today Elaine and we'll be there!

  2. Grandpa Hamilton would probably have a stroke if he saw these pics! :) I agree with you, Sherry. The skype one is great!


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