Saturday, May 1, 2010

Elaine Visits the Ocean

It was beautiful in Virginia Beach today.  The sun was shining, the temperature was 88 degrees, and Ben was off of work!  So we packed up Elaine and headed out to Sandbridge for a visit to the ocean before we move.  (Not that Elaine will remember it).

Elaine did not like the ocean!  The water was a bit chilly (at 57 Elaine 25 Weeks First time at the Beachdegrees), so as soon as her toes touched it she started screaming.  We tried sitting her in the sand.  She didn’t like the feel of it between her toes.  She didn’t like the sound of the waves crashing on the beach as the tide came in.  We got out her ball and tried covering her in sand.  She was okay as long as her pacifier was in her mouth.  (But she enjoyed spitting it into the sand so that Mommy had to go wash it off.  Once we almost lost it in a wave!)

We took a little stroll down the beach with our feet in the water.  Elaine 25 Weeks First time at the Beach heads onlyElaine seemed happy enough if Mommy or Daddy was holding her, and she was well above the water.  She enjoyed riding on our shoulders.  But even a drop of  water on her skin, and she went nuts.

After a while in the sun she warmed up a little to the sand.  She even discovered that it feels cool between her fingers.  And as anticipated, we had to prevent her from putting it in her mouth.  (These days Elaine’s test for anything is sticking it in her mouth.)  When she was completely tired out we packed up and headed for home!

Elaine 25 Weeks First time at the Beach

 Elaine 25 Weeks First time at the Beach

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  1. So Cute! Naomi hated the sand the first time too, but she got used to it. By the end she was eating it and got a whole mouth full before we could stop her. =)


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