Friday, May 14, 2010

Elaine Discovers Bubbles and the Mirror

I haven’t posted any Elaine videos recently, so here are a couple of newbies.  Elaine went to a birthday party last week, and she got some bubbles in her favor bag.   She enjoyed playing with Daddy and popping bubbles. 

Elaine has also discovered her legs recently, and she loves to stand up on her own while holding onto something.  She even tries to hold on with just one hand!  Yesterday, she made the mistake of using both hands to put her pacifier back in her mouth.  She quickly toppled to the ground.  Today while I was packing, she was holding onto a box, and discovered the mirror on the wall.  It was funny!  (And yes, I know it is now time to put covers on the outlets.  But I was right there…)

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