Friday, May 21, 2010

Book Worm and Laundry Thief

Elaine *loved* sitting in the big rocking chair and reading her book!  She’s wearing a Massachusetts shirt that is too big for her, but I couldn’t resist it on the clearance rack at Target, especially since Ben is from Mass.




This morning Elaine decided to help me with the diaper laundry.  She *loves* standing up anytime she can get a hold of anything.  Here’s how it went…

pict0021Who can resist a fluffy bum?

“Ah!  Someone is stealing our diapers!”

“Caught ya!”

I love this next picture…just chillin’, relaxin’, standin’ up on her own, leaning against the laundry basket, grinnin’ up a storm…

That’s my girl!

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  1. Those are great pictures!! We smiled or giggled for each one!


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