Thursday, May 20, 2010

Princess Destructo

Elaine was up very early today, and we ignored her.  Apparently she decided to “create” her own fun by “destroying” the crib!  When Daddy went in to get her, the bumper was untied, she was twisted in the crib, and her foot was against the fold-down panel pushing it in and out.  She liked the “bump-bump, bump-bump” noise it makes.  She was extremely happy, so I went for the camera.  (I know…I have too many pictures already.  But who can resist?).  Elaine has learned to smile when I get the camera, but she was so incredibly excited over what she had done in the crib that she couldn’t hold still for a picture!  This is how it went…

Elaine 6 months destroyed crib“Are you sure you want to take my picture?”

Elaine 6 months destroyed crib“Wouldn’t you like to see Bunny instead?”

Elaine 6 months destroyed crib
“But it’s so exciting!  Look what I did!”

Elaine 6 months destroyed crib “Hmmm.  I wonder what’s underneath here?  Oh.  Just my toes.”

Elaine 6 months destroyed crib “Now what do I do with it?”

Elaine 6 months destroyed crib “Ahhh!  I’ve been caught!”

Elaine 6 months destroyed crib After a hard morning’s destruction, she just had to roll in the floor!

Until next time, this has been a presentation in the life of Princess Destructo.  I mean Elaine.

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  1. You write great captions for these pictures, and of course, the princess is adorable!!!


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