Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We are moving.  We are leaving what the landlord says is a 1000 square foot apartment and going to what Ben estimates is an 800 square foot apartment.  I am losing an entire room.  I am adding two more children to our family in a few months.  Sometimes it seems impossible. 

But after prayer and apartment searching, we decided that this is what we can afford right now.  And wanting to live within our means, and be satisfied with what God has given us, we decided to make it work.  For better or for worse.  I thought initially that it would lean more to the “worse” side.  But now I am sure it is for the “better.”

I have been scouring the apartment for unused items.  Little used items.  Things we can easily live without.  I have been evaluating our “stash” of stuff.  What can we live with less of?  What would simplify life?  At first I thought I only had a couple pieces of furniture with which I could comfortable part.  But that is no longer the case.

I have discovered that in my apartment of no closets, basement, or attic, I have found creative ways to stash and “hoard” stuff that I just don’t need.  Why should I have 10 skirts when I wear the same 3 jean skirts every day?  Why do my kids need 4 different jackets/coats each when one lightweight and one heavy one will suffice?  Why do I still have a blender to only brings me frustration every time I try to use it because it is a less expensive model and takes a long time to do its job?  Why are those kitchen gadgets “renting” space in my one kitchen drawer so that I have to dig around them every time I need my ladle?  Why do I still have all of these things?

I have decided that simple is better.  Clutter is bad.  It frustrates me.  It’s hard to contain.  The kids get into it.  I can’t find a spot for all of it.  I can live with less, and so why shouldn’t I?

We have simplified our closets to one week of clothing {everyday} and 2-3 church outfits.  That’s all we really wear anyway, so why keep the rest of it?  I don’t need those earrings anymore that hurt my ears when I wear them…just because a family member {and I can’t even remember who} gave them to me.  I don’t need 8 bathroom towels when we use 2-4 each week, then wash and re-use. 

I don’t need so many pictures and “art” on my walls.  I have my obvious favorites…why not keep it at that?

I make my own household cleaners.  Underneath my sink doesn’t have to be full of a chemical laden cleaner for every possible situation.  How about baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap?  Easier to store, less of a problem if the kids break into the cupboard.

We have made a couple of trips to the Salvation Army with a trunk load of donations.  We have given some items to Hurricane Sandy victims who needed them more than we do.  We have sold things on Craigslist & Ebay to earn extra cash.  Now my packing is close to being done and there are not a ton of boxes cluttering my living room.  I feel better knowing that I have less stuff to move, maintain, store, and clean.

As I was making a new picture for my bathroom, this verse was on my heart, so I used it in the picture:

Daisies Bathroom Verse 5x7 jpg

I love daisies.  They are so simple.  Yet so elegant.  And in the passage listed – Matthew 6 – we are promised that God will provide “all these things” if we seek Him first.  But what are the things?  Food, drink, and clothing.  That’s pretty simple.  And while I am glad for many modern technologies that make life easy, sometimes they are complicating what is meant to be so simple.

I’m glad we’re moving – I won’t have to trek up the steps anymore.  I really like the apartment we are getting.  And I think I can even say I’m glad it’s smaller, so that I have been forced to re-evaluate what I am spending time and money on in my home.


  1. Here's a few thoughts on this post:

    Good for you. I have been trying to tackle my own closet, maybe you'll help me when you come home. I'm not getting very far.

    I love your daisy picture and the verse that goes with it. You are doing so good with that kind of thing.

    And lastly, did you keep a towel for me to use?

  2. This hits right straight to our home too with an ouch, and at the same time, a comforting feeling that we are not alone in this thought/process/endeavor. So thanks for sharing, this was just what we needed to inspire us to continue in the declutter process :)
    Kenny wanted you to know that he thinks(after reading this) that you should consider being a ladies evangelist... You know you can become ordained online now *wink*wink* JK!

  3. You'll be so thankful for this! Living with less makes life so much easier....less things to worry about or spend $$ on, lol! I love the simplistic approach - good for you!

  4. Good post on simplifying. I hope to do the same thing soon--not moving, just want to be sane. :o) Some good tips there!


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