Monday, December 24, 2012

Aunt Becky

I knew my sister-in-law Becky only a little while I was at Ambassador Baptist College.  She was a “townie” and in high school when I was first a student.  My brother Kenny didn’t start dating her until after I had graduated.  They have been married for about a year and a half now.  The last time we were together was over a year ago – Thanksgiving in Brooklyn.  We have been enjoying our time together and the schedule has been relaxed and easy.  I am really wishing Kenny & Becky lived closer to us…

My kiddos have also been enjoying Aunt Becky.  She does really well with little kids, and Nolan found an instant buddy.  She talked on the phone with him…for hours.  She read books to him.  She cut Elaine’s hair {she is a barber} and then French braided it so it would be curly the next day for church.  She helped Elaine at tea time and while we were shopping.  They love Aunt Becky!

IMG_6389Nolan & Aunt Becky


My mom has this old rotary phone.  My kids instantly started fighting over it and play with it non-stop.  Nolan loves to answer the phone, give it to you, then take it back and say “ba-bye.”  Here he is letting the sheep and the cow from the nativity scene have a turn talking on the phone too!

IMG_6396Becky & Elaine setting up the Little People…while Nolan wasn’t around!


Three little French braids for curly hair!

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