Monday, December 17, 2012

May I Have Your Attention Please!

We are proud to announce the gender of our expected twins:

Twins Gender Reveal

and here is a report on their anatomy scan:

Twins 18 weeks jpg

{click to enlarge}

18 Week Ultrasound Both Babies
both babies – the one marked “B” is the boy, the one marked “A” is the girl

Baby A Baby Girl hand 18 Weeks
Baby Girl’s hand

Baby A Baby Girl profile 18 Weeks

Baby Girl’s profile

Baby B Baby Boy 18 Weeks profile
Baby Boy’s profile

Twin A Baby Girl 18 Weeks
Baby Girl

Twin A Baby Girl 18 weeks
Baby Girl

Twin B Baby Boy Spine 18 Weeks
Baby Boy’s spine

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  1. How absolutely wonderful!!! I am so glad for you--and for Elaine and Nolan. I'll bet they're excited about a baby brother and sister. Well, maybe not Nolan yet! :o)


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