Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Getting Moved In

Yes…I know it’s Thursday.  But on Wednesday I was busy traveling some 1700+ miles from New York City to Denver to spend Christmas with my family.  So maybe this should just be “Thankful Thursday” instead.  Especially since there are so many words.

We are making great progress on getting settled in the new apartment.  We have a small stack of about 4-5 boxes yet to unpack.  It’s mostly things that need to be hung on the wall.  I haven’t touched the storage closet yet, and Ben hasn’t arranged his tools and items in the gas meter closet.  We also want to add some shelves in the closets, so then things in there can be more organized.

We have eliminated even more items as the unpacking has taken place.  We realized we don’t need all three bookshelves, we took the leaves out of our table to make it smaller, and we have a trunk full of items for the Salvation Army.  With not as much wall space, and after having filled and patched a lot of holes in the old apartment, we decided we don’t need so much stuff on the walls. 

Here are some not-so-perfect pictures of our apartment so far!

I love my new rug to bring out the red in my living room.  Also thankful for a deep windowsill to hold my herbs.

We are all packed for our trip to Denver.  The bookshelf on the far right will be finding a new home when we get home.  The file boxes on the left still need to be fit into the storage closet.

Looking toward the kitchen.  I like having my computer out of the bedroom!

Almost everything has a home in my kitchen, but I still need to organize a few things.  Love my full size stove {I cooked two pizzas at one time!} and my refrigerator.

We added these shelves to a space in the bathroom.  The hole gets more narrow at the back so they can’t fit all the way against the wall.  The only problem with this is that I can’t get the toilet paper on and off the holder!  Still working out some kinks…

The mirror does not have a medicine cabinet in it, so we are still trying to work out some creative storage for things we use consistently.  I want things to look nice, but still be functional.  Mason jars to the rescue!

Our closet in the Master Bedroom is about the size of the closet I used alone {and for storage} in our previous apartment.  But we have been slimming down our wardrobes and everything fits nicely…even my crafting supplies.  Another shelf or some crates will help our sweaters stay neat in the stack.  I also gave up a dresser drawer to be used as my “medicine cabinet”.  So all of those items are now folded on the closet shelf as well.

I wasn’t sure that my hutch would fit in the new place, but Ben found a way to make it work.  It holds my tea cups and a couple of very special knick-knacks, like items from my grandparents and great-grandparents, and from our wedding.

We did manage to get two things hung on the wall – my wedding bouquet, and our wedding picture.  They only made it to the walls because we didn’t want them to get broken sitting around in the floor!

I didn’t get any pictures of the kids’ room because they were sleeping.  Their closet is bigger, so it is able to hold their dresser and some baby items, as well as the boxes of baby clothes.  We got a 9-hole cubical for the toys {the kids loving having the toys in their own room} and Ben got one shelf on the wall for our educational and crafting bins.  Slowly but surely we’re getting there!

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