Monday, December 24, 2012

Life Around the Polo Club

My parents are the Resident Managers of a gated community called the Polo Club North.  There are many “perks” of the job…including the swimming pool, hot tub, duck pond, and the “orange ride”.  Keep reading if you’re completely lost!

Elaine loved following Grandpa around while he did his “chores.”  They had snow the day we arrived, so there was a little bit of plowing that still needed to be done.



My dad uses a Kuboda to run around the neighborhood.  In the winter he has a plow for it.  Eliane calls it the “orange ride.”  She was only too happy to go help Grandpa move the snow in the orange ride!


Grandpa also has to check the pool & hot tub each day.  The first day we were here happened to be the day he vacuums the pool.  Elaine didn’t understand how Pa could vacuum the ‘wimming pool so she went along to check it out.  She came back to me soaked…apparently she took a dive into the hot tub!



There is a pond in the center of the Polo Club.  Each spring there are a lot of ducklings.  We saw the last batch of baby ducks when we were here in May.  Now there were lots of big ducks, and we took a walk to find them and share some bread.  Every piece I gave Nolan went straight into his mouth {glad it wasn’t moldy bread}.  Elaine kept getting very close to the icy edge and almost tottered in a couple of times.  Nolan enjoyed seeing the ducks because he has recently started to say “quack quack.”



{a little bit of ice on parts of the pond}

{I was so grateful that Nolan sat still and didn’t try to jump into the pond!}

IMG_0741{Mommy & the babies…all four of them!}



The highlight of the walk home was that each kiddo got to hold the end of the leash…much to Gypsy’s dismay.  She is getting old and grumpy.  She doesn’t like Nolan getting into her space at all.  I guess she figured out when he had the lead, because she gave a big pull and dumped him face first into a small patch of snow. 

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