Monday, December 24, 2012

A Cup of Christmas Tea

When I was growing up we had a tradition of tea parties with the girls in my mom’s family.  It was usually Mom, me, Aunt Robin, Aunt Jo, and Grandma.  We are the ones who live in Denver. 

We used to go to a little tea room above a quaint restaurant called Reverend Taylor’s Attic.  They had a dress up room filled with hats, beads, gloves, purses, and “mink” stoles.  They also had the best tea – G.H. Ford. 

Since Reverend Taylor’s closed, we have tried several other tea rooms but not liked any of them quite as well.  The girls have recently started going to Mrs. B’s Tea Room…but I have never been in town to join them.  Mom made a reservation for Elaine, Becky {my sister-in-law}, and me to join her for tea at Mrs. B’s.  It was a special tea…the first one for both Becky & Elaine!

IMG_0707Andrea, Elaine {she didn’t want her picture taken}, Mom, & Becky.  We didn’t plan to all wear pink, but it worked out that way!

IMG_6368Mommy helped Elaine pour her tea…

IMG_6374…but Elaine got to add the milk.  She put in a lot of milk!

However, her favorite part was the sugar cubes.  She was so happy whenever anyone poured a new cup of tea, because she wanted to put some sugar in for us.  I left to use the ladies room and came back to very sweet tea…apparently Elaine thought it needed some extra sugar.

IMG_6371We tried to tell her to stir gently, but that’s a tall order for a little girl!

IMG_6373Finally…the sweets arrived.  Elaine was eager to get started and she just stood right up and helped herself to a cookie!

IMG_0701    IMG_0704

Not too many pictures of the rest of us, but the Little Princess certainly enjoyed her first tea party!

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