Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Reunion

On Friday morning I flew with Elaine from New York to Memphis, TN.  Mom & Dad picked us up on their return west from their two-week road trip (it started with helping us move).  We were headed to Mountain Home, Arkansas for a family reunion on the Godby side.  Elaine hasn’t met her great grandparents yet.  Only a few of us couldn’t make it…my cousin Whitney recently left for Bulgaria with the Peace Corps…Wesley is a counselor at the Bill Rice Ranch…Aunt Ann had to take my cousin Madalyn to  a bike race.

We stayed in Mom & Dad’s pop-up camper.  I’m not a huge fan of camping, but I could do it like this!  Air conditioning, electricity, and water (if the hookup had been close enough).  Grams & Gramps have a 5th wheel, and the Driskell’s stayed in Uncle Lewis’ new motor home.  It was a humid 95 degrees, and very hot!!!

We arrived on Friday night.  Kenny’s girlfriend Becky Shahan came along.  If she still likes him after meeting Godby Reunion in Arkansasthe family, she’s a keeper!  (Just kidding).  The campground is located between two reservoirs and near the White River.  The cousins went out water  skiing on the speed boat.  Saturday entailed motorcycle rides (Kenny & Dad both brought their dirt bikes), water skiing, swimming, a pontoon boat ride, and Southern Hotdogs, Grams-style! 

I took Elaine for a brief ride on the boat.  It was hot, and she was definitely affected.  She was pretty crabby and didn’t want to be held by anyone or wear the life vest.   She would have been happy playing in the “floor” or standing up, but I didn’t feel very comfortable with that on the boat.  We all had lunch together on the boat, and then the young people resumed their water sports.  I was glad that we passed on swimming, because everyone was VERY sunburned! 

Just when we were preparing to head back to the dock, we ran out of gas.  No worries…just switch the tank.  Yeah, right!  The second tank was filled with water, and we were left adrift until someone came out to flush the carburetor.  Elaine was definitely not happy with that arrangement! 

Godby Reunion in Arkansas Andrea (that’s me!), Mom, Elaine, & Dad on the boat

Elaine finally settled a little in Grandpa’s arms…

Godby Reunion in Arkansas 
…right to sleep (briefly!)

It was nice to see the fam again, but I was very glad to load into the truck for the 13 hour journey to Denver.  Well…I should clarify.  I was glad because we heard it was only 50 degrees in Denver.  I was dreading the road trip with Elaine!  She traveled very well, and we arrived safely.  I depart from Denver on Thursday to return to my new {home}.  Hooray!

Godby Reunion in Arkansas 
Kenny & Dad on the motorcycles

Godby Reunion in ArkansasWhen I was very young, I was riding a motorcycle with Dad.  My foot slipped off the foot pegs and was caught in the wheel.  I don’t think I’ve been on a motorcycle since, but Dad talked me into a “short” ride.  It wasn’t so bad!

Godby Reunion in Arkansas
Elaine found Grandma’s iPod in the camper!

Godby Reunion in Arkansas 
Happy with Grandma!

Godby Reunion in Arkansas 
…Not so happy with Uncle Kenny!

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