Thursday, June 24, 2010

“Recall it as often as you wish…a happy memory never wears out.”

Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa PaulElaine, Grandma & Grandpa Paul, & Me

I am making many happy memories with Elaine.  She is so cute and a bundle of joy…even when she is crabby (don’t quote me on that, please!).  When I was in Denver last week I made some happy memories with my own grandparents, Elaine’s great-grandparents.  She is great-grandbaby number nine for them!

We spent a relaxing afternoon with my grandparents, Don & MaryLou Paul.  I was especially glad to be able to see them on this trip for this reason… My grandma Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa Paulhas had five different cornea transplants in the same eye, and they have all gotten infected and perforated.  While she was on a road trip to Iowa a couple of weeks ago, the newest cornea did the same thing.  My grandpa drove straight through to get her home to her doctor.  After weighing the options, they decided that it was best to just remove the eye.  She had a rough time with the anesthesia, and still wasn’t doing great when we arrived back in Denver.  We popped in Tuesday and just spent the afternoon when her & Grandpa.  It was the first day that she was feeling better & able to keep food down. 

Grandpa could hardly wait for me to unbuckle Elaine out of her Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa Paulcarseat before reaching for her.  He took her out to the porch swing.  Then I kept hearing the water go on and off in the bathroom.  When I peeked, there was Grandpa with Elaine on the bathroom counter, her feet in the sink.  They were playing in the water and Elaine was making faces in the mirror.  So sweet!!!

Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa PaulGrandpa, Elaine, & “Bunny” on the swing 

Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa Paul Elaine, Grandma, Sherry/Mom, Grandpa

Elaine with Great Grandma & Grandpa Paul We love you Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Paul!

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