Monday, June 21, 2010

“For I know him [Abraham], that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD…” (Gen. 18:19)

So yesterday was Father’s Day!  I didn’t post anything because I was busy celebrating with my husband on his first Father’s Day!  But that doesn’t mean I have forgotten!

Broncos vs. Raiders I feel very blessed by my own Dad, and my Father-in-law.  They are good men, and they have had a positive influence in my life because they “commanded their children and household” in the ways of the Lord.  I feel especially blessed by these men presently because both haveElaine Day 7 First three generations sacrificed so much to help Ben & I as we transition to minister in New York City.  I’m so very glad that I have a good relationship with both of my dads! 

I’m also so pleased and proud to be married to the best Daddy any little Elaine could wish for!  Ben is great with Elaine and very involved in her life…even if it means changing a diaper!  He is dedicated to raising her to be a godly, responsible young lady.

Ben's First Father's Day After church on Sunday we headed to the park.  Ben had taken Elaine to swing there on Saturday and she loved it!  We did the swings, the slides, and attempted the sprinkler, but Elaine is not a water baby!  We gave Ben a book called “Light on the Path”.  It is a daily devotional book with a verse or two from the Old Testament in Hebrew, and a verse or two from the New Testament in Greek.  It should help him keep on top of his language studies!  Elaine was thrilled because she got to play with the wrapping paper and bow when Ben was finished!

Ben's First Father's Day

Ben's First Father's DayWith all of the distractions at the park it was hard to get Elaine to look at me for a good picture.  This is the best we could do!

Ben's First Father's Day  Ben's First Father's Day
Swinging is so much fun!

Ben's First Father's Day

Ben's First Father's Day
Down the slide with Mommy!

Ben's First Father's Day

Happy belated Father’s Day
to all three of the special Fathers in my life!

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