Saturday, June 5, 2010

Worded Saturday

Hi guys!  Did you miss me?  I’ve been absent here for about a week because of our move to Brooklyn.  I tried to load up the blog last week to make up for the absence.  I never got my Wordless Wednesday posted because we were in a pile of boxes, but here are a couple of pictures.  They need some explaining, so this edition is called “Worded Saturday!”

Elaine 6 months Grandpa's hat on moving dayPlaying with Grandpa Godby’s sweaty hat after loading the moving truck in 95 degree weather.

Elaine 6 months in front of fan in BrooklynWe didn’t have air conditioning in our apartment right away, and it was very hot.  Here Ben is introducing Elaine to the fan to cool her down.

Elaine 6 months in front of fan in BrooklynWhat she really wanted, though, was the cord!

Elaine 6 months chewing electrical plug cordElaine had been playing with a bed-side clip lamp.  Ben was concerned about the light bulb, so he removed it.  We were cleaning out the hallway and realized that Elaine had been quiet for some time.  We returned to the living room to discover she was chewing on the electrical cord.  When Ben entered the room she just smiled at him, as if to say, “Ha-ha.  I got it, even though I know I’m not supposed to have it!”

Elaine 6 months chewing electrical plug cord Caught!

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